Explore P4: SPRMRKT Cafe – Super good eggs benedict!

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About 2mths ago we went to SPRMKT for brunch and Fuk Tak Chi museum to see see look look. We wanted to visit this cafe since very long ago and finally try their food on this saturday!

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The interior.

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The menu.

 photo DSC01195_zps5muhzc4e.jpg

The tracklights and photoframes.

 photo DSC01194_zpsxkitt04o.jpg

Barang barang.

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We find ourselves a table and ordered egg benedict, chicken mayo croissant and 2 flat whites. 😀

 photo DSC01184_zps8q888sbp.jpg

I was very hungry but you got to smile when there’s a camera!

 photo DSC01183_zps5n3h3of5.jpg

When the face starts to change.. lOL!

 photo DSC01182_zpsvm6o9jhb.jpg

Coffee as usual came first. 🙂 Ordered 2 flat whites and Simon was quite happy with the flatwhites from SPRMKT!

 photo DSC01188_zps7uc5lm1c.jpg

Awhile more and here comes our food! I was totally into my eggs and thinking why did he ordered the chicken mayo croissant.. until I tried his and nearly snatched his sandwich over.

 photo DSC01193_zpsdkwgmntp.jpg

The pastry exterior was crisp, but not crunchy, the interior was softer and when you bite into it, it’s flaky and tender but not doughy, overall it was buttery but with a hinge of natural sweetness. Got to admit, this is definitely one of the best croissants I had! =D=D

 photo DSC01192_zpsulvfiefs.jpg

The mayo chicken was seasoned well, I hate mayo but I love this alottttt..

Well.. ss much as I rave about the croissant, I love my eggs too!

 photo DSC01186_zpshaneul9i.jpg

As you all know, its not easy to make good egg benedicts but the ones from SPRMKT were very good.

It was a very satisfying moment to see the yolk flowing all over the plate but I believed what makes the eggs so good was the tangy, thick and smooth hollandaise sauce that enhances the overall experience.

 photo DSC01189_zps4hbnsabi.jpg

Not to forget the finely toasted English muffin that soaked up the sauce too. :p

A very satisfying lunch, and after this we went for a walk!

First we passed by Thian Hock Keng temple. Alot of tourists inside, as we were holding our cameras and walking around, we looked like tourists too.

 photo DSC01196_zpsugjeyix4.jpg

 photo DSC03635_zpspbixu0xj.jpg

The beautiful lanterns back then. 😉

Next we went to Fuk Tak Chi museum, it is one of the oldest chinese temple in Singapore and now part of Amoy hotel’s premises.

A very small area but Im very excited with the miniature models which represent life in the old singapore.


 photo DSC03646_zpssfkfeicm.jpg

 photo DSC03647_zpssc1xeecu.jpg

As they were so real and vivid, we couldn’t help ourselves but to keep snapping photos of them. You can even spot pigeons on the roof! Hahaha!

 photo DSC03651_zps9cw6xbue.jpg

 photo DSC03655_zpsvgcejfkc.jpg

They are so cute!

Also if you don’t already know. Explore Series is exclusive to this blog where I usually feature where the 2 of us go in Singapore and what I wear. So here’s some photos for the day! :p

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 photo DSC03593_zps4j5wuyjq.jpg

I got my cap from The Assembly Store, the brand Brixton. In love with my white cap, and I am still aiming some of the caps from Brixton. My sweater is from Muji, and the bottom from Sophialuv. Pretty affordable blogshop I would say.

 photo DSC03604_zpsvxefiso0.jpg

 photo DSC03580_zpstqxvxa2n.jpg

A very casual day out and Im acting like da boss. lol!

 photo DSC03582_zpssnszzckc.jpg

 photo DSC03607_zpshss1cmun.jpg

A selfie. not bad hor? lol!

 photo DSC03579_zpsxqfwv4d7.jpg

And always there’s a trying to be a fool photo in his camera for the day. haha!

By the way, SPRMKT is located @ 2 McCallum St, 069043 and Fuk Tak Chi museum is located @76 Telok Ayer St, Singapore 048464.

Hope you enjoy my explore series. ^^