Laneige BB Cushion [Pore Control] SPF50 review, you cant have the best of both worlds

I know I am late, very late. Alot of people have already reviewed the laniege bb cushion but Im only doing it now. lol

very sorry about that. :p

But I’ve been using this for awhile and I thought I should probably share my experience with u guys.

I didnt buy it in the very first place because I felt that it was expensive, but after knowing that they comes with a free refill, I bought it immediately :p 

 photo IMG_8368_zpsy24guerf.jpg

Of course the BB comes with a cushion, a very good one for the record. It is very soft and smooth when applied on the skin. If you have bad experience with rough puff then you dont need to worry about laneige’s one. 

 photo DSC01221_zpsjypfwt78.jpg

The casing here totally shouts out Laneige to me. I dunno? Maybe because of the colour combination, but laneige always reminds me of water. 

Its quite a clean design imo and since Im not very into cute makeup packaging, Im totally fine with it.

As much as I want to try it directly on my face, I did a swatch first to test out the coverage of the product. Coverage was the first thing on my mind, because my goal was to look as koreanish as possible.

I can live with my current makeup setup but they just doesnt give me the fair and dewy look I want. 

 photo IMG_8907_zps1vmtylqk.jpg

So I tested the cream on my newly paper cut hand to see how good it is. Paper cuts have become part of my job. :p 

 photo IMG_8908_zpsgijzvvw3.jpg

The outcome was AMAZING! The cream totally balanced out the skintone and it has a matt yet slight dewy finish, all with just one layer!

 photo IMG_8906_zpsiba19koq.jpg

I was so happy with my purchase right then. 

By the way I was actually a natural beige tone but the sales person recommended me to get the true beige if I want my face to look fairer. ^^ So just FYI if you want to look fairer then get the true beige one.

The BB cushion also has a SPF of 50 and it has a cooling effect on the face when applied and not to forget.. a very pleasant smell. 🙂

 photo IMG_8910_zps5ngp46t0.jpg

Sound too good to be true? Of course. Nothing is perfect in this world. Not human beings and definitely not beauty products, so next I’m going to talk about what I disliked about the BB cushion.

I used this product every single day, I got to admit it’s kinda addictive to have a cushion patting on your face every morning. But recently I realized that my face are getting more oily and my pores are also getting bigger. ALSO, I noticed the cream tend to ‘go into’ my pores if you know what I mean. Because I really have no idea how to describe it to you. This kinda scares me because I don’t want to have clogged pores. :O

I also don’t deny that it’s really very lasting because it lasts from 730am in the morning to 8pm at night without me having to touch up at all. BUT my face starts to feel sticky and oily right about noon time. Initially I thought that my face could be oily due to PMS, but no leh… haiz..

 photo IMG_8482 1_zpshkz1defx.png

That was why I say I couldn’t have the best of both world. Other reviewers dont seem to have any problems with the cushion though, maybe it’s just my skin. 

So, in order to counter this, I’ve decided to use this during the weekends and on special occasions only.

On a day to day basis, I’m still using my favourite Garnier BB cream and maybelline compact powder. Still the best to date. ROAR.

Incase you got affected by my negative reviews, then remember this. It was lasting with just one layer, good coverage and makes you look flawless, well almost. 🙂 and most importantly.. We have different skin types! 

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