Revisiting 阿昌粥 Ah Chiang’s Porridge Toa Payoh Central

Many many years ago when I was only 18years old (erm actually Im not that old), I worked at Toa Payoh. And the first porridge that made it to my favourite list was Ah Chiang Porridge.

I remembered my manager then brought me and the other 2 colleagues to eat at Ah Chiang. It was a saturday probably, we had to work half day on saturday.

So I went back to Ah Chiang recently, because I am getting old and I want to reminicise about my younger and rebellious times. NO LAH! I wanted to go to Kim Keat Hokkien Mee one lor but Simon was lazy and the weather was so bad so end up we decided to eat at Toa Payoh instead and while walking I suddenly remembered my favourite porridge place and and and. okay enough.

So we went to eat porridge because my cravings kicked in at the right time. 🙂

This is what you see when you’re there.

 photo IMG_8465_zpsoehtmkg5.jpg

Many articles about them. :O

 photo IMG_8457_zps7nivmevn.jpg

Sorry I didn’t take a photo of the menu (omg screw me) but I ordered the zhu zha zhou (Mixed pork meat and intestines congee and Simon had the pidan zhou. (Century Egg Congee)

I was pmsing back then and was really looking forward to the yummy porridge!

 photo DSC01217_zpsjczicbvi.jpg

Also ordered youtiao to go with them and add in one egg for each bowl!

 photo DSC01216_zpsmw8hzfin.jpg

I actually like eggs in my porridge but only ordered occasionally cos I want to save calories.

 photo IMG_8460_zpsbvpxbx6w.jpg

Eggyolk porn for eggyolk lovers!

 photo IMG_8463_zpsfclxjktk.jpg

Whole and round. Im ok with egg yolk as long as they are mixed with something else.

 photo IMG_8462_zpsgfnlroij.jpg

Recently I have this obsession with eggyolk, so I was like spamming pictures. Lol!

 photo IMG_8464_zpsjlrns3t2.jpg

Shiok what right?

Okay enough of the pictures, time for my comments.

Actually I was quite disappointed because I remembered they used to taste much better, I asked for chilli and soy sauce as it was quite bland.

Feels like the standard drop quite abit, the taste used to be so awfully good. The porridge is still smooth but lack the flavor that I used to love.

Anyway the main stall at tiong poh road has better reviews than the tpy one.. so i should probably head over there and try it. Ive always wanted to try the sliced raw fish though………..

Secretly hope that the tiongpoh porridge is worth the trip otherwise I might flip! I just recently googled about this porridge at toa payoh and google says that it is permanently closed -_- but I checked with Ah Chiang facebook and it was not leh.. aiyoo..