Why I didn’t want to be an air stewardess

Today I am going to compile everything that I have heard from my ex colleagues and stewardess friends about being an air stewardess.

I wanted to share this because I myself wanted to be one too, especially in 2015 when I nearly went for the interview. Not only for Singapore Airlines, but also Emirates and Cathay Pacific.

I wanted to be one so badly because I like travelling, and I like to explore different countries and their cultures. I also love the kebaya. I really love it. I want to wear it. The best part is that the kebaya covers up my chunky legs and it makes me feel more confident and pretty as well. :p

But I decided not to after some serious thoughts about this job, this career. I mean it’s a high salary job yes, (even though the pay is higher last time), but in the long term, what can I really achieve? I can save more than a regular full time job, no doubt about this. I can travel to different countries, I get exposed to different things and also get to know more people BUT there are also disadvantages to this ‘pretty’ job. And I have stated them as below:

  1. Hair loss
  2. Not enough sleep
  3. Bad complexion
  4. Stress and affect self confidence
  5. Harassment
  6. Affect personal relationships

1.Their hair are always tied up in buns, and if you noticed, their buns are always very tight. The tight buns + long hours flight will usually result in hair breakage.

2.The sleeping time is always irregular. Long hours flight, difference in time zone and shift hours, this makes it hard for an air stewardess to have sufficient/proper sleep.

3. 2nd point will lead to poor complexion and breakouts. Imagine wearing thick makeup for long haul flight. mmm.

4. Stress because you have to maintain your weight, I once heard from my friend that if your BMI is over 20 then you will be grounded. During this period they will ask you to lose weight before you get to fly again. Not too sure if they still practice this, but I think it’s super harsh. If I have to be so strict on my bmi I will definitely get stressed and gain more weight. >< (old story okay, maybe they don’t do this anymore. 🙂)

5. Harassment. I’m sure you heard stories from your crew friend where the pilots and stewards call them to go to their room, or knock on their doors etc. Actually I don’t know how true is this but if it’s true then I think self discipline plays a very big part here. 

6. Definitely affect personal relationships. You occasionally have to get away from your family, friends and the other half.

After considering all these factors and adding on to the fact that I hate serving people. I decided that I will be happier if I don’t fly. The very first thing I hate in my life is to serve and listen to people. That was why I never stay long in customer service. All the while I wanted a backroom job because I have serious mood swing. I totally can’t stand bullshit when I’m in a bad mood. And I actually need quiet moments too. 

So now although I don’t earn as much as one air stewardess will take home, I never regret not going for the interview. I’m quite happy with my job now but I feel like I’m stucked somewhere. I don’t know why but maybe just pmsing. Maybe this is normal. I think it happens to everyone.. except for Simon. LOL!

No matter what I have a goal for this year, so hopefully I will achieve it! ^^

Shall stop here then as I have finished what I want to write. Hope you enjoy my random post today again! Till the next. :p

PS: My neighbour just got into Singapore Airlines recently and I noticed that she chopped off her hair. Is that a requirement? Also I heard from my friend that Emirates is the best airline for money and benefits, sooooo if you’re interested still then yup go for it. The downside is staying at dubai, very hot but cool though.