Mcdonald new potato wedges and burgers?!

If you guys have tried the truffle fries that Mcdonald introduced back then Im sure you dont really like it. (I meant me)

But now with this new potato wedges I guess it should be pretty good? Erm sorry I shdnt say this too early becos I haven tried it yet. But its hard for potato wedges to go wrong right? Lol

I wonder how the sour cream dip will taste like especially Im still haunted by the truffles seasoning. I think to date my fav from mc is still the seaweed fries and curly fries!

Other than fries they also have 2 more new burgers on top of the 2 new they just introduced recently! The salmon and chicken which I didnt try too.

So now the new burgers are beef and mushroom deluxe (isnt that burger king?) and classic beef and chicken bacon. Mmm. I really have no idea how chicken bacon is gonna taste like.

Not to forget that their new dessert is the very colorful pastel mcflurry, the strawberry cheesecake which looks kinda scary imo. I still love the original mcflurry and vanilla cone!

So this means I have to try out the wedges and burger soon. Btw I really love mcdonald mcwings, way more than kfc :p

Shall update again!

April 13th: I’ve tried the potato wedges and thought it was pretty decent. Not really a fan of the sour cream dip as well, would rather dip it in the Mcdonald’s chilli sauce. I’ve also tried the beef and mushroom deluxe burger and I preferred the burgers from BK. :/

 photo IMG_9354_zpshjhxukrj.jpg

 photo IMG_9355_zps65abp8a7.jpg

The yummy potato wedges.

 photo IMG_9356_zpsdjneo8kb.jpg

 photo IMG_9357_zpspkyzisjs.jpg

 photo IMG_9358_zpsenwsrptq.jpg

Beef and mushroom deluxe burger that needs more sauce, cos it’s too dry.

 photo IMG_9359_zpsbihipro7.jpg

Can’t really taste the mushroom, but got to comment that the beef patty were huge and the bacon was yummy!

If I were to compare this to BK, I still prefer BK’s onion rings and mushroom swiss, do you agree? 😡