Claire loves to snack P3: Nissin Tom Yam Potato Chips and MORE!

Claire is not a foodie. She loves to snack and she snacks alot. People who know her well enough should know that she rather snack than eat a proper meal which is why Simon is always having a headache over this. :p

Hello people! Sharing snacks session today! Very unhealthy but you know I (we) really love to snack! Simon is worse than me because he eat potato chips everyday!

Check out P1 and P2 here.

My number 1 favourite is this Tom Yam Seafood Flavour potato chips from NISSIN!! This tastes exactly like the cup noodle and I really like it! It’s very crunchy and tasty and I can’t wait to try the black pepper crab one too. :p This is about $1.60-70 per packet!

 photo IMG_6504-2_zpsympbcpsj.jpg

 photo IMG_6506-2_zpsljauc56a.jpg

2nd: Pizza snacks that I got from Shine Korea! 

 photo IMG_4807-2_zpsbh1z4cip.jpg

 photo IMG_6148-2_zpsnk0gqohh.jpg

It was not too bad! Very cheesy!

3rd: Uncle Saba’s Poppadoms lentil chips! 

 photo IMG_4198-2_zpstajee3eu.jpg

If you love the papadum chip that always come with briyani then you should try this. Very addictive and salty!! But shiok! Got this from Sheng Shiong!

 photo IMG_4199-2_zpsnezuhlsu.jpg

4th: Kettle Bites Maple Barbeque Wholegrain waves 95 calories each! 

 photo IMG_2179-2_zpsyh1rhzus.jpg

Abit expensive but very addictive!

 photo IMG_2180-2_zpsc7bhvnd6.jpg

5th: Wasabi Rice Cracker that we got from Cold storage! 

 photo IMG_4001-2_zpsxojdtaiz.jpg

 photo IMG_4004-2_zpsuvejvnlp.jpg

Wasabi flavour rice crackers, but I find nothing special about it!

6th: Japanese rice crackers from MochiKichi! Yoko bought this from Yokohama (i think) and I found this at Takashimaya!! 

 photo IMG_4543-2_zpswqxcf2cb.jpg

 photo IMG_4544-2_zpsrj7khpvt.jpg

I don’t know what flavour is this but it is super nice!!!

 photo IMG_4547-2_zpsnzyzib1l.jpg

 photo IMG_4548-2_zpsztcwxk87.jpg

the seaweed one tasted normal though!

7th: Dried mangoes From Harvest Fields! I actually like this better than 7D! Can find this in cold storage or fairprice! 

 photo IMG_3613-2_zps3aorupq6.jpg

8th: Super juicy and chewy gummy bears from Yupi. Saw them a few times at Sheng Shiong and now they don’t sell anymore. This is the one with fruit juice not the normal one! Anyone spot this can tell me please??

 photo IMG_4016-2_zpsbulypf1p.jpg

9th: Burger up Singapore! wanted to blog about this long ago but I was so lazy. I don’t treat this as a proper meal because we usually eat it as our night snacks hahaha.

 photo IMG_1452-2_zpsbohd2heh.jpg

I like the fries and it is only 2bucks!!

 photo IMG_1454-2_zps7takisid.jpg

The rice is better than the burgers imo!

 photo IMG_9801-2_zpsmpbjhszn.jpg

super shiok!

10th: Giovanni L Gelato De Luxe at Parkway Centre 

 photo IMG_8610-2_zpsg8ji7xyv.jpg

Sorry people I didn’t try the gelato but I tried the clam chowder instead!

 photo IMG_8612-2_zpsoahega7k.jpg

 photo IMG_8616-2_zpsoggilgqj.jpg

And I am going to say. This is the best clam clowder I ever had!!!

Alright I have come to the end of this post. Go try all the snacks I’ve listed. =P

Till the next people! 😀
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