[Simonseries] Living with Claire Ep4: Wedding haven’t done the flat coming liao. Win liao lor. Money drop from sky loh.

Hi guys,

I’ve been trying to not come up with too many series, because ah if I keep churning out new series then whats the point of a series? Call them single random posts lah! But then this HDB thingy is coming soon, so is my wedding. DIE LAH. Ok lah I say its coming soon but I got no letter or any concrete info yet, its just that judging from the photos on zai@sengkang (visit his site, this nice guy has been taking pics of those HDB projects providing us with regular updates. Thanks man), my estate seems very close to completion liao. 2 blocks are even half painted. Sweat sial.

Usually people will be happy when their flat gets completed, well I will be happy too, but what if I don’t have the money to renovate it?? You know this feeling is having schizophrenia (not to undermine the severity of schizophrenia) or was it bipolar disorder?

Its like:
Flat coming? 😀
Really coming soon liao D:
Our own home 😀
Decorate it our way D:

Money wise, people will say “just take loan loh” but that would mean we will live our lives drowning in debts… We don’t want that loh. Thats why we are trying to save enough cash for it. Now the issue is our wedding is coming up too, so our money will be thrown onto that liao, doesn’t that mean we need to take loan liao loh?

AIYAH! Whatever goes liao! Sigh… Must take means must take liao. Because the last thing I wanted is to regret our actions. Example like I skimp on the wedding and screw it up, but have money for reno. Like that I’ll forever have to hear her whinings about this and I will forever live in regret for screwing up our big day. The choice is obvious.. that is to do what a lot of locals are doing. “No savings ah? Take bank loan loh. Live in debts loh.” Sigh… there’s no escape this ‘norm’ huh..

So after all these, I see that there’s no point in me fretting over the loans. ‘Do it once and do it good, or you don’t even start.’ is what I learnt from my instructor during my army days and so I integreted that into whatever I do. So if I apply it here, I’ll just spend the money, loan or not, to do up our home properly. Or at least in a way we liked (I really liked Ikea stuff leh… despite people saying its not durable.) And will enjoy living in our home with.

With that in mind, I still feel stress lah but aiyah gonna be taking it one step at a time now. Next we will start to check out sites on home decor and I will start my research on renovations in renotalk forums. That means subsequent posts will be about pretty things we find online about reno stuff. If any of you local readers have lobangs ah please let Claire the boss of this site know ok!

Well bye now.


[Hello if you are new to my/our space, Sseries stands for Simonseries where my husband-to-be (or already is if you see this in 2015) blog about himself and …. me??]