Photoshop War. Before After!

Hey guys, today I decided to show you my before and after photoshop pics. LOL Actually not much difference lah I mean ok got difference but not like OMG WTH SHE LOOK LIKE THAT kind of u know.. LOL!

 photo photoshop22_zps6f4e47e5.jpg
The original.

 photo photoshop2_zpsd0bab113.jpg
Feel that my nose looks too big, so I shrink them abit. LOL

 photo photoshop1_zps828b466e.jpg
Original. Hate that mole.

 photo photoshop1duplicate_zpsc50a0815.jpg
I remove my mole and smooth out my face. Aiya this is super normal..

 photo photoshopbefore4_zps678135d2.jpg
Original, same issue as above.

 photo photoshop4_zps9d1b7cd9.jpg
Glowing hahahhaa!

 photo photoshopbefore5_zpsfcd130c2.jpg
Original. terrible eye bags. I duno where I got so many lines under my eyes. i feel like dying.

 photo photoshop5_zpsfd72805f.jpg
Smooth out abit lor.

 photo photoshopbefore3_zps0b776852.jpg

 photo photoshop3_zpsa06f90b3.jpg
Poof the hair abit, adjust the hairline and elongate my chin LOL!

Okay that’s all folks! Enjoy your day! <3<3 Claire