Say bye to concealer! Welcome Garnier!


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I hate pimples! Who doesnt hate right? Whenever we girls have pimples, our best friend is definitely the concealer! I love my concealer so much because it helps to cover my pimples and flaws!

Im glad that my skin condition has improved with the help of healthy eating, but when I think of the times I spammed my concealer on my pimples, it’s just so horrible because I didn’t know that concealer can actually worsen the condition of pimples! No wonder my pimple always take so long to heal πŸ™

But thanks to Garnier (THE KING OF ROLL ONS), I found a solution to our first world problem!

Their latest product: GARNIER 2-IN-1 TINTED PIMPLE ROLL ON!

An immediate and fuss-free solution that covers pimples & blemishes in 1 second, treats in 24hrs!

the packaging
the product

The Garnier 2-in-1 Tinted Pimple Roll-On aims to provide a solution that both treats and nourishes the skin to keep it free from imperfections!

Contains Mineral pigments with high coverage
– which provides an invisible and long lasting coverage of spots & pimples for over 12hrs! The thin and light texture stays soothing to the skin and leaves you feeling at ease. Despite the high concentration of mineral pigments, it remains non-comedogenic to ensure maximum coverage comes with maximum skin health! =D don’t need to worry about clogged pores now πŸ˜€

Garnier develops and uses Herbasoothe, a natural blueberry extract to boost cell regeneration and leave the quality of skin uncompromised. The enriched Herbasoothe and drying agent formula dries out spot quickly & effectively, and accelerates the resorption of residual marks.

It’s an affordable product yet with such good quality! How can you miss out on this!

I’ve only used it for 2days, the first the pimple dried up instantly, and now the pimple size has already minimized and almost healed! And guess what! I’ve been applying concealer on the same pimple for 2weeks and it just didnt recover/heal! :@

(it’s been so long i touched my ringlight!!!) hehehe.

spot this!
let’s try the roll on now! πŸ˜€ roll, roll, roll..
time to blend in
I realized I used the wrong side of my face for this photo! i love camwhoring!

My verdict?

The Garnier roll on only comes in one tone, which actually doesnt suit my skin tone very well because I’m quite fair if i may say so. But nevertheless when I apply my foundation and blend them together, it fixed in pretty well! πŸ˜‰

And due to the quick dried-up-my-pimple effect of this product, I think it’s a really good substitute for the traditional concealer!

my pimple are pretty much covered up! try it out! it’s good! (imo)

Adding on to this wonderful product, Garnier came up with a interesting game for us to play! Not only play! You are going to win prizes as well!!!


Play the game and stand to win $1000 worth of FOREVER 21 VOUCHERS!
Not only we can cover up women’s woes, we are going to stock up vouchers for shopping! WOW WAY TO GO!

this is the game link! —>Β SPOTTING ANNE! ALL THE BEST! ;D

you can also view the
view THE TEASER HERE!!! first!

Garnier Pure Active Tinted Roll On is available at Watsons, Guardian, major supermarkets & hypermarkets and selected departmental stores, priced at $22.90!

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