[S-series] Our Dinner Sessions: Monster Curry Ion Orchard


Throwing back to many months ago, we had Monster Curry for dinner. Claire is a small eater, So it will be more economical if we can find a place that gives a huge portion so we can share. She likes to steal from my plate anyways, that’s not much difference with sharing. I married a child.

I liked new dishes, so surely you can guess which one I chose. Monster Curry serve their curries on a gigantic plate, but because the ‘Yasai’ contains all vegetables, the carnivore in me will never be satisfied. Therefore I ordered a side of Karaage to go with our curry.

You get to choose how spicy you want your curry while ordering, its in a scale from 0-5, 0 being no hot sauce and 5 being Monster Hot. I can’t remember which number I chose but it was minimally hot. Maybe its 0 or 1.

The picture doesn’t really show the size of the deep dish but its really big, I can almost swim in it.. Maybe not but who cares. We were famished so we dig in immediately. The tempuras were nicely fried in the batter, I figured fried stuff can’t go wrong, and matching anything with curry can’t go wrong as well. It is said that the Monster Curry add 14 types of spices into their curry to create the ‘Umami’ taste. This Umami is coming up very often nowadays.

I don’t know how to rate Monster Curry to be honest, they are like McDonalds or KFC and the likes. Its like someone activated the cheat code to these outlets to make their food delicious, its not amazingly so, but good enough to get people to frequent them. Must be the MSG. The curry was good but if I ordered the spicier version it would’ve been better. I think the pricing is a little steep though but its Jap food afterall, you pay more for the novelty value.

Go swim in curry guys. I won’t be going there anytime soon not because its bad, but because we are spoilt with so many dining choices I’ll probably need a year to cycle back to Monster Curry. So till next time then.

Simon Tey