Veet hair removal cream brightening – I love it! You must try!

The problem with wearing pants almost everyday is that I totally forgot about the hair on my legs! I bought this for my photoshoot with Purpur… LOL. Sorry but first impression counts people, I got to look my best.

So the day before the shoot, I went to Guardian to get hair removal cream. I usually use the one for sensitive skin but I decided to try the brightening one this time round because it is a ‘new’ product and it is smaller compared to the others.  photo IMG_4795_zpsrrgin3j7.jpg

Guardian was having sales, so I paid $7.65 instead of $8.50.

 photo IMG_4796_zpszjxusmqm.jpg

After getting this, I went home immediately to try it out!

Like the other veet products, spatula is included.

 photo IMG_4803_zpstppdem0o.jpg

I then proceed to apply the cream on my legs, you are supposed to leave the cream on for 5minutes but not more than 10. Actually I don’t really know what will happen if I leave it for long hours, and I don’t intend to try that too. Probably will suffer from skin allergies.

 photo IMG_4805_zpsgd71jdhh.jpg

I have very thin hair by the way so you can’t really see my hair.

I covered my hair with the cream for about 8minutes. Remember not to rub them in. Can you see the black little dots on my legs? Those are microbeads, these tiny things are supposed to brighten up my legs after all the hair is gone.

After the 8 minutes are up, I then proceed to use the spatula and remove the hair. BEST BEST BEST PART I LOVE IT. The hair comes off so easily and my legs look so smooth and clean after that!

 photo IMG_4806_zpswvvzlftv.jpg

I know you can’t really see the difference because really, my hair is really thin.

The hair on my right leg is still there if you look closely enough hahaha. I can see that the brightening does work a little though.

 photo IMG_4830_zps1ucjvrxu.jpg

And if you’re wondering if the cream works. Nah here’s a zoom up for you. SUPER CLEAN  until I can even see my veins!

Go give this a try if you never before, it’s amazing!! I highly recommend this! 😀

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