Snacks substitute!

I love snacking, you love snacking, who doesnt?
but snacking is unhealthy, is it really true?
true if you’re snacking on junk food, like potatochips, candies and chocolates.

But bear in mind dark chocolates are gooood! i love dark chocolates (but now i cannot eat)
everybody love snacking in between meals, but what can we eat other than our normal oh-so-tasty junk?

i’ll share some of them that i usually have.

1st on the list: fruits, (yah boring right, you hear it everywhere)
but try to spread them with some peanut butter especially on apples or pears.
too much fruits can gain weight also. BEWARE.

2nd: yogurt!
i recommend marigold’s non fat yogurt, it’s high in fibre somemore!

aids in calcium intake.

4th: Nuts! I LOVE NUTS! especially pistachios! nuts are high in protein. but a handful is enough! too much is fattening.

Last will be dark chocolates, tasty and good for the heart <3

Why not give yourself a challenge by switching off unhealthy snacks with some healthy ones? You will feel and look great too! 🙂

I’ll be blogging about my botanic trip next!

i love this photo below 😀

credit to ST. till the next post, love ya people!

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