SDWC: Sharing how I lost 10kgs and tips to lose them forever!

I haven’t written a weight loss post since forever. Today’s post is based on my personal experience. No money involved, no crazy dieting involved. All you need is youtube and some tips from me to lose the weight that you want to lose, or you have gained.

So you know I went missing in 2015, during this time I gained weight too. Not like 1-2kgs kind of weight but I gained 10kg. Freaking 10kg. Even my ex colleague that I went out with for dinner asked me if I gained weight.

My colleagues then in the bank even noticed that I gain weight, I had to change my uniform, and my top and jacket has become so much tighter. Even my friend asked me if I gained weight just by looking at my whatsapp profile pic! Yes it was that bad!!

The reason for my weight gain is due to stress, bingeing and supper. Well I didn’t have any motivation during THAT period so I just let myself eat eat eat and eat..

Then around late 2015, after I got married. My motivation suddenly returned. I don’t know why but when I’m with Simon I just feel the need to be slim. I think because I don’t want to look fat beside him.. -.-

Honestly I’m quite happy that I managed to lose off the weight by eating the right amount of calories and exercising. No extreme diet FINALLY! So today I’m sharing with you how I lose off those excess pounds. =D

Tip 1: Eat about 1200-1300 calories a day

This is a sample plan for your reference:
Breakfast – 2 slice of bread, peanut butter, tea/coffee. 250
Lunch – Salad 300
Snack – keep within 200 calories
Dinner – Meat and veggies, or anything but half the serving.

Tip 2: Workout!

Walk ALOT. Try to walk 10,000 steps a day. You can measure this by downloading the pedometer app in your phone. Exercise at least 3times a week.

Or you can get a garmin fenix or a fitbit! :p

Anyway here are 2 videos that I’ve been doing lately! Jung Dayeon figurobics and Taebo!

You can always check out more of Jung’s videos! I think her workout videos are the best I’ve ever done, very good for toning imo!

Tip 3: Drink lots of water 

I can’t emphasize this enough!

Tip 4: Eat your favourite food/snacks in the morning 

Not very sure if this helps you but when I snack in the morning, I tend to eat healthier later in the day! And I always believe that it’s easier to burn off those calories in the morning as you have the whole day to work on rather than the night where you go to sleep immediately.

Tip 5: Eat till 70% full. Or 50% if you’re up to it. 

I eat anything I want for dinner but about half or 3/4 of it. (Simon will cook healthy meals for me next time :p so now I suffer abit first)

Tip 6: Eat whatever you want during the weekends but keep your calories in check! 

By eating what you like during the weekends, you will be more motivated to eat clean on weekdays!

Finally I have come to the end of the post! Not alot of tips honestly but definitely something you can work on. Hope you like this post today! Just remember to keep fit, slim and healthy always involved 3 things and they are – determination, calories and exercise. 

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