Dialogue In the Dark with my colleagues, I say you really should go!

Daphy invited us to join her for the tour at Dialogue in the dark on that Saturday where I visited Natural History Museum with Simon. I’m so glad to go for this as it was such a meaningful time spent over there!

After the tour, I immediately tell S to arrange a day to go together with our friends. It’s really worth it, I’m not sponsored for this at all but I really wish that you guys can just try this out just for once.

Let’s go through some of the photos of the place first. 🙂

 photo DSC01272_zpsiwazfjtf.jpg

Dialogue in the dark is located at Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

 photo DSC01269_zpsr2tpqvbu.jpg

The Exterior.

 photo DSC01273_zpsml4qrnlj.jpg

The Interior.

 photo DSC01274_zpsjsltkj2u.jpg

The braille alphabet on the wall and my lovely colleague, pinky. LOL

 photo DSC01271_zpsmmxr0byl.jpg

Lockers for your personal belongings because you’re not suppose to bring anything in (yes no handphones too!) except for some money! Because there’s a cafe inside! Cafe in the dark you hear me right!

 photo DSC01275_zpscfrz03a9.jpg

The notes from the visitors.

Since it’s dialogue in the dark, there are no photos for me to share with you on the tour. But I will briefly go through what we did and experienced. 🙂

Before the start of the tour, we played some games and even had to take a picture. It was quite fun actually especially when my partner is JIAXIN!!

This whole briefing and warming up session took us about half an hour before we were introduced to our visually impaired guide for the day. I’m sorry but I forgot his name. 

We were all given a walking stick to guide us in the room but it was still very scary! It was so scary because we are unable to see anything inside. TOTALLY pitch black. Like even when I’m at home there are still street lights that will lit up the room but this is NOTHING. I can’t see anything at all.

You can only rely on the guide and your friends, they will be there to let you hold on to and to guide you. In a way it’s fun too because you will be able to use your other senses like the nose, ears and sense of touch, well ears and touch mostly to listen to the surroundings and know what you are touching and where you are heading.

There are a few locations along the tour, like you will be brought to a park, board a boat and passed by Singapore river, market, crossing the road and lastly the cafe! We queued up in the dark and bought drinks and cookies! It was fun! haha. And if you’re wondering who made the coffee/tea for us, it’s another visually impaired professional! They are so inspiring!

After we got our drinks, we sat down and talked to our guide. I think this post has been delayed too long until I forgot what we talked about. But anyway it was a really good session!

 photo DSC01277_zpsg8ezuaxq.jpg

After the session, we went to this simple photobooth at a corner to take group photos!

 photo DSC01276_zps89rljctp.jpg

the props! 

And what are my thoughts about Dialogue in the Dark? 

I would really like you to give this place a visit. Other than bonding with your peers and colleagues it is a very meaningful activity because it allows you to understand what the visually impaired are going through, get to know how their lives are like, and how they feel when they are being rejected.

Although there are many helpful people here in Singapore, there are also some that got irritated when they are approached or touched by the visually impaired. When I was in the dark myself, I touched my friends alot. I was very scared and insecure and the only thing that can make me feel better is by touching anything that will make me feel that i’m safe and stable.

Really happy that daphy invited me to join this with her, this tour really enlightened me and allow me to see things in a different perspective. So I really hope you guys can try this!

Let’s promote an inclusive society and social awareness of people with visual & other impairments!

To find more about Dialogue in the dark you can check out here. 😀 Also check out daphy/mitsueki review here! 😀

would like to try out lunch and dinner in the dark!