Bishamon at Funan IT mall

A day before F1 event, we went to Bishamon for dinner!
Haiyo, we actually made a deal not to eat Japanese food for now because we are going Japan soon, say only la, plans always fail. zzz.

Anyway the food was quite normal and nothing to WOW about.

 photo IMG_20130920_185306_zps7542b5c3.jpg

 photo IMG_20130920_185844_zps087540cd.jpg

Seafood Ramen for him as it’s the usual no-meat friday.

 photo IMG_20130920_190213_zpse0e7570a.jpg

If you happened to be at Funan IT mall, and you have sudden Jap food cravings den okay you can go to Bishamon!

Can’t wait for dinner this friday! I miss my chashu salad!

Aliright! Next post, counting calories part 2!

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