Weight loss: Counting calories Part 2 – Kitchen scale

My part 2 is finally here!
So I’m sharing my treasure today!

This kitchen weighing scale is my essential. I can’t believe I take so long to get it.
I really love how it’s lightweight and portable! I can even bring it to Japan if I’m THAT anal.

 photo SAM_0035_zps57c400c4.jpg

I think I only paid about $12+ for this, and it is really good. I can measure my food and also used it when I want to bake! hehehe.
I liked to use it to weigh fruits because fruits’ calories are the best to estimate. Thank god there’s google.

 photo SAM_0037_zps0f415325.jpg

An example of a breakfast would be banana with blueberries with milo powder sprinkle. *cos the banana is still not fully ripe yet*. HAHA. I need the sweeetness la. :/

So it came up to about 130calories after googling and researching.

Knowing how much I eat actually gives me a peace of mind. HAHAHA. Sometimes I am that crazy!!!

very happy that I’m eating clean again. I hope I dun binge in Japan!! *pray pray pray*!

One thought on “Weight loss: Counting calories Part 2 – Kitchen scale

  1. babe u so slim now, once in a while let go & eat is normal! Just enjoy yourself ttm in Japan! A clean-eating person’s body won’t “absorb” all the bad stuff so fast de ๐Ÿ˜‰

    love you!!! i wont bring it to japan lah. i think weighing the food will take up alot of times HAHAHA. ok will enjoy ttm! You enjoy yourself in BKK TOOO! ive never been to BKK!!

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