Braces UPDATE – 1Year 4months

Hello Saturday, this week had been lonely and slow. cos my bf went for reservist. πŸ™ lucky it’s until 12th only! hahahaha. it feels weird to go home on a tuesday and thursday! and to go home alone!

I got the best bf on earth. I LIKE TO SAY THIS.When i was working at Tanjong Pagar, he will come over to lunch with me.
now I’m working at Bugis, he will come over to wait for me and go home with me.
Sometimes he end work at 445pm, he will still wait for me.

He stays in Hougang and he has direct train back from Outram (his work place). But he will come to Bugis, take red line with me, alight at Ang Mo Kio and then bus home!
If you’re familiar with the subway then you will know la. haha.
There are so many good things about him, friends that are close to me will know he’s a good bf hahaha. Like when I go for event, he will also walk around the area and wait for me to finish!

Ok I’m gonna stop praising about my BF. I just got these super random thoughts. HAHHAA.

So anyway, today officially 1Year 4months+1day with my braces. I don’t know when it will be removed, hopefully within half a year’s time?? Those who wear braces before told me the gap take the longest to close. even a 0.1mmm also must wait. Ok lah, I spend so much money on this, I better be patient.

I was looking through my photos and I got a shock at how ugly my side view was when I was just months into braces. OMGOSH. (you realized I liked to dig my old and ugly photos?)

 photo DSCF7533_zpsbe859d15.jpg

Look at my protruding mouth and wires. WTSHIT.

 photo DSCF7544_zps3a149042.jpg

How did i manage to smile i dun unds either.. The crooked teeth plus the hair. LOL! major epic.

 photo DSCF7518_zps92c3e77d.jpg

Look like a donkey man..

I am so so so glad that I’m over THAT PHASE.

And now 2more months to 1.5years and I’m looking better!!! hehehe. Really can’t wait to remove them. Faster close up the gaps!!!!!!! πŸ™

So anyway just to share abit more, dentist has been asking me whether I want to push my teeth out to close the gaps or push in further to close the gaps. Anybody ever got this question from your dentist before???

Pushing teeth out meaning pushing the back to front, and pushing in means pull back the front.

The only thing about pushing it back is that I Might have super thin lips. Maybe I should let him push the back to the front so that I will have sexy and pouty lips? -_-
I can’t decide you know. What do you think??? Some advice PLEASE??

 photo IMG_20130914_5_zps3d258e71.png

 photo 562874_10201380229962174_1252513839_n_zpsb0c3b3ab.jpg

I never regret doing braces! I only hate the process. LOL!

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  1. I tell u! I just put on the retainer! Terrible experience! Can’t talk properly… Like “da she tou” talking! Doc says need a few weeks to get used to eat..

    huh reallly ah?? but only put at night right!?

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