Symmetry Cafe @ Jalan Kubor

A stressful week at work leads to spending and eating. LOL. Symmetry Cafe is one of my to go places, I saw Tammy Tay mentioned this cafe before and thought it was nice.
Best thing is it’s near my workplace.

The difference here is she went during the day and I went in the night.
The place is a cafe by day and restaurant bar by night. holygosh. We spend quite abit here. haha!

I think the menu at night is different and what I want to eat is not available? But I did have a super full dinner and enjoyable TRUFFLE FRIES!

 photo IMG_20130927_193545_zps8ee8899f.jpg

We got free grapes!

 photo IMG_20130927_194551_zps89dfcda3.jpg

No drinks for me, and I ordered a Ginger alcholic beer for him. He still think Angus O’neil is better, and I agree too.

And this is the awesome truffle fries! I’ve never tried truffle fries before and I cant stop eating this! And becos I never tried before, I dunno what is counted as good truffle fries!!

 photo IMG_20130927_194856_zps7f02c631.jpg

And we shared a baby hatchcock! It’s big and filling, I think I only eat the drumstick and some additional meat and the rest all go to him, probably cos I spammed too much fries T.T

 photo IMG_20130927_200036_zps6f3d541f.jpg

It can be abit jelat.
I’m just disappointed that I didn’t manage to step inside and take photos. Maybe I will go back in the day again!

 photo IMG_20130928_1_zps76c9cd0e.png

End my post with our tiring faces. HAHAHA. cui max. hair also cui.

Symmetry Cafe
9 Jalan Kubor #01-01 S(199206)