Claire the health conscious cook!

Other than eating healthily, the next best thing should be cooking healthy foood!

Tada! The ingredients needed! Aglio Olio is so easy to make and it’s not expensive tooo! If you want to eat out ordering Aglio Olio, I rather you whipped it up yourself!

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All you need have:
1. Pasta
2. Olive Oil and garlic (must have)
3. Black pepper + chilli flakes, dried chopped chilli
4. Salt and whatever you want to put with, can be chicken, fish, prawn and other ingredients. heh..

I didn’t know my eyes would sting chopping off garlic, hahaha. And the more garlic the better if you liked the garlic taste!!
Anyway I finally know what is a clove of garlic. :X

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And I also do some research about having the perfect pasta. I love it Al dente, and what I learnt from the net is that once the white dot in the middle of the pasta is gone den it’s Al dente.
LOL, that explains why I’m cutting the macaroni and checking. I am super particular about this.

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After the pasta, we can focus on the chicken! Using Song&Song pan, the fake happycall to cook this! If you asked me what’s the difference between this 2, I really cannnot tell other than the brand name…

cook4 photo 1269069_10151877629941998_1931461101_o_zps155ce634.jpg

Smell really nice, and I’m v excited because it takes just awhile for the meat to turn white!!

cook5 photo 553815_10151877630111998_1788978725_n_zpsf1778613.jpg

Next I made the garlic and olive oil mixture and add in the pasta and it’s done! hehehe. BF loves it! It was a treat for him!
It’s easy, heat olive oil, brown the garlic, add in salt, chilli flakes and black pepper! You can always add more if you think it’s not enough!

cook6 photo 1234477_10151877631276998_341655844_n_zpsc3478365.jpg

And voila, the end product!! I love the spinach and nectarine salad, it was a last minute anyhow salad mix. But I ate them with yogurt and it taste goood! hehehe.

I’m going to cook more and bake more!! So happy!!

A question for you guys!

What would you do if money is not an issue in your life?



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Words by me, photos+editing by SimonTey.

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