Claire’s home baked EGGTARTS!

I want to get a new oven! My current oven is abit sot and it stinks!

My baker/cook instinct is back again! And I cannot stop myself from cooking and baking! Hahaha.
So on Tuesday night, I made some ‘kickass’ egg tarts!! I got super high standards for whatever is produced from my hands, so I tot it tasted nua and bad. But my colleagues and mom said it’s nice!! hehehe. 😀 very happy!

egg1 photo IMG_20131008_205010_zps71577eec.jpg

The custard mixture is more than the number of shell tarts so I have to throw the whole lot away.
I love making the crust from scratch!!! Got satisfaction one!

This is the end product!!! It’s not so golden yellowish in real la hahah! But it’s nice and I’m happy! So what should I bake next???

egg2 photo IMG_20131008_224803_zps88c23824.jpg

Some egg tarts for you?

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