Weight loss: Maybe you are like me, who knows?

A weird title but never mind it, I’m still gonna continue. heh.

I realised that I have to plan my meals beforehand.
For example dinner, I need to know what I want to eat if not I will go home and anyhow spam!!
So recently I’ve been preparing my own dinner so that I can eat healthier!

Below are a few examples of what I eat on the normal weekdays. Tues and fri I am usually out so I just have to think about the other 3 days!

I usually reached home at 7+pm so I have to make sure dinner must be quick to prepare, healthy and of cos delicious. Cos after dinner, I still need to exercise! So timing is very crucial for me. LOL!

So I thought tofu, erm not bad. Quick to cook. Nutritious and low fat. If you want abit of boost, maybe you can get the tofu cheesecake. (if you can’t resist temptation. you can always cover it with vegetables, once a week is ok!)

cook2 photo IMG_20130930_195059_zps3d1b3483.jpg

If you’re stuck at work, and you reached home later than usual, no time to go NTUC to buy ingredients, then cook eggs. Egg is the most convenient food. Don’t u agree? Versatile and convenient. You can do omelette, baked eggs, scrambled eggs, frittata and alot more.

cook3 photo IMG_20131002_193546_zps133bad1c.jpg

Or chicken breast, the best! Panfried chicken breast with your favourite seasoning and it’s good to eat! Eat them with orange for a extra flavour boost is a good idea too, some vitamin C intake! taste just like your exotic orange chicken salad.

cook1 photo IMG_20131010_194924_zps3e8e3c1c.jpg

Noticed how every meal must have protein? It’s important, because protein helps to keep hunger at bay!!
Anyway if you think my veggies are too little, it’s actually on purpose. Cos I eat alot of veggies during lunch so I usually keep my veggie intake low in the night, I have bloating problems duh!

Cooking and eating healthy can be fun!! Who says it’s boring??!