Cups and Canvas cafe – nice concept, but waiting time too long!

That friday afternoon we went to Cups and Canvas for lunch! Was quite excited about it because it’s Cups and Canvas. (coffee & art) Dunno you guys know anot but I studied art in secondary school, didnt pursue further because you know la.. singapore..

After awhile I just stop drawing and now it feels like I’ve never draw before. It is so hard to find time to sit down and draw but the hubby suggested to get a canvas so I can start in our future home. ^^ great idea.

 photo IMG_1263_zps0iryrc11.jpg

I’m not sure if the coffee there is good because I didn’t try any. Will probably drag simon there soon to try a few cuppa.

Just FYI the tea time from Monday to friday $9.90 includes a choice of cake + coffee or tea – and this is from 3pm to 5pm.

Happy hour is from 5pm to 8pm – not sure what they offer though.

But the food was alright (me by looking and from my colleagues’ comments) except for my cranberry turkey ham sandwich. -_-

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The paintings there. Some are quite expensive. You can also sign up for an art painting session. :O

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 photo IMG_1271_zpscergwpka.jpg

First page of the menu.

 photo IMG_1272_zps1eqsky9j.jpg

My colleagues’ coffee. I think they are mocha and cappucino?

 photo IMG_1273_zpsmvnfk1k6.jpg

 photo IMG_1275_zpsynix9m8v.jpg

Jaeq’s chicken chop lies on a bed of mash potato. Which looks really good!

 photo IMG_1274_zpshw1xaq3b.jpg

Jx and Tim’s fish and chips! Tried some and it was quite okay!

 photo IMG_1276_zpsg1fcubw6.jpg

Pink’s chicken cutlet!!

 photo IMG_1277_zpsmicu4bdm.jpg

and my pathetic cranberry turkey ham sandwich with side salad. (not from the lunch set) I had high expectations because cedele’s cranberry sauce is really good! so I got quite disappointed with the sauce here.

Overall it was a pleasant experience if you have people that you can talk with around other wise the long wait (half an hour or more) will kill you. 

Didn’t expect that the waiting time to be so long >< somemore it was not crowded. :/

But anyway still somewhere interesting that you can visit!

Every friday is my eat out day and colleagues always try to bring me to fancy places. hehe. 

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