[S-series] Leagoo Shark 1? What’s that, can be eaten one ah?


Simonseries will now be named as S-series as suggested by wifey. If any of you have an issue with the naming, like if you like simonseries more than S-series? Please note that your comment may not be given a damn. LOL ^-^ Ok jokes aside, I doubt anybody cares anyways.

Now let’s get on with the topic at hand shall we?

Recently I received a package with that huge ASUS Zenfone Max, today I received yet another package, oh I’m so popular now. Pardon my delusional daydreams.

I open the package and was greeted with a big matt black box. Leagoo? Shark 1? Whats that? I’m kinda concerned because I’m trying to be a eco-minded person here so who’s sending me sharks’ body parts now?

Oh ok maybe its just the name, not literally organic substances from a real shark. My first impression is “THIS IS HUGE” like wow, I’ve never seen such a big phone, I’m sure people would consider this a phablet. Its like a crossbreeding of a whale shark with a mobile phone. Okay I’m exaggerating here.

While checking out the official website, they promised us a couple things:

  1. Running on Android Lollipop from factory
  2. Highest Li-Polymer battery capacity in the world at 6300mAh in a 8.5mm thick body.
  3. 6″ Full HD screen in Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3
  4. 1.3GHz octacore processor and 3GB RAM
  5. Ability to charge other phones acting like a power bank

Well big usually also mean big battery (capacity). But big batteries doesn’t always guarantee long battery life. So I’ll have to use it to know. This power bank function seems to be a latest trend? I’m not sure, but to me honestly, I still think its just something that’s good to have, but will probably never use it. The only thing that ever needs charging all the time is my phone. I have spare batteries for my digital camera and I don’t have a tablet.

This phone is still huge, at a glance it seem to have a memory card slot and accepts dual sim cards. It can barely fit into my average sized palm, so thankfully the finger print sensor is at the back (see that circle in the middle), if its on the home button I will probably strain my thumb every time I wanna unlock my phone. I use finger print to unlock all the time.

Well now, I’ll have to go and give it a test drive now, so stay tuned for the review in a couple weeks.