Proofer Boulangerie at Seletar Mall, Our Future Haunt.


We recently gotten our keys to our flat. So yes we are moving real soon.

We went to Seletar Mall after a visit to our flat. Had dinner with my parents and were just walking around the little mall enjoying the air-con. Then we wanted to get some bread for tomorrow’s breakfast so we went into Proofer Boulangerie.

The country styled interior and the aroma of freshly baked bread immediately draw us in. I guess we were too drawn to it that we forgot to flip out our phone and take a shot of the shopfront, although we still have some photos of the bread and buns.

 photo IMG_0819_zpsogsdzf7a.jpg

 photo IMG_0815_zpsde01rjoj.jpg

Golden Sand buns.

 photo IMG_0816_zps1hugrrrw.jpg

Salted Egg Croissants

 photo IMG_0817_zpso1b3adiw.jpg

Chicken floss sausage and honey bbq chicken.

 photo IMG_0818_zpsp8ojkhk8.jpg

The Focaccia

 photo IMG_0821_zpsiqoeaufk.jpg

Cranberry cheese loaf

 photo IMG_0822_zps3dfnmgqi.jpg

Trio palate.

We looked around and felt like we need to buy one of every bread available there! But because its breakfast for only me and we are tightening our budgets due to the cost of owning a flat in Singapore.. So we only bought 2 bread…

The Tribun and good ol’ Focaccia.

The bun was a cute triplet of different flavours. Its like a triple Siamese-triplet with individualism.

One is anpan (red bean paste), one is yam paste and the last is pumpkin paste.

The taste was a bit sad for the pumpkin, disappointing taste.. but the anpan and yam were nice, the bread was baked to perfection with the right firmness and fluffiness. I would probably rate this 3/5 because pumpkin dragged anpan and yam down.

Then I sliced some focaccia to go with the… coffee.. Well generally I eat everything with coffee, so don’t be surprised when I decided to eat savoury focaccia with coffee, you haven’t seen me dip it into the coffee yet. LOL.

The focaccia was the nicest focaccia I had in my life! Unfortunately the other focaccia I had was that mass-produced stuff by Gardenia you can get for cheap in any supermarket here. It has a delicate balance of the spices and have a tinge of sweetness from the carbs in the bread and it was a great experience. Coming from a slice of bread eh. LOL. I’ll rate this 4/5, a tad bit oily, but its a focaccia so of course its oily.

Looking forward to try every single bread available over there, please do not close for a hundred years.

Simon Tey