Food in Yishun

Le bf came over to stay last weekend, and I brought him to eat around yishun hahhaa!

We had our breakfast at Blk 921 (if im not wrong, there’s a yongtaufoo stall there, and a POSB. it’s just beside where the previous library is used to be located at.

He ordered from this vegetarian indian stall

masala thosai and puttu mayam!

i think the thosai was okay, not bad, but the puttu mayam, i dun really like the ‘beehoon’ part, feel like processed food.

then we settle our lunch @ this yongtaufoo place! which is near BLOCK 925, beside little miss closet (i think)

it’s under the escalator and near the petshop. It’s very cheap because you can eat a meal with just $2.50, the laksa ytf not bad also.

initially we wanted to eat laksa, but the q was so long, so we decided to go back another day! the famous laksa stall just opposite this ytf stall.

then he got craving

hahhaa this is at 925, i think Mr tey is fascinated with it because it’s made when ordered. He wanted to order a peanut one but the ahpek managed to psycho him to get one more durian one! I dun really like the durian one, now im thinking if i shd try the one at far east plaza, because i heard it’s very nice? the peanut was okay, but due to the crispy pancake it all dropped to the bottom. LOL!

i still love the traditional pancake hiakhiak!

recently i love indian food, but why you so unhealthy? πŸ™

hahaha i love food, but i always eat moderately! that’s the right way to lose weight!