I love my new eyeliner!

Was at Far east plaza, and i saw the smoochie outlet, woohoo!
I actually wanted to get the felt tip liner from maybelline, but because I saw this, and it’s cheaper, priced at $12 only, i decided that i shd try this out first!

i’ve tried it once, so easy to apply!

i think felt tip totally suits me because i really got this love-hate relationship with eyeliners, and if you noticed, i’ve been baring my eyes for quite sometime now!

Pencil eyeliner smudged easily.
Gel eyeliner smudged also (for me)
Liquid eyeliner time consuming
And now I finally settled on felt tip liner, you know how much eyeliners i have now!? lol! what a waste of $$!

maybelline new case, like it becos it’s sleek!

comes with a pouch as well, and i probably will use the pouch as a cardholder or something HAHA! :X oops
because i dun see the use of the pouch for my foundation as i seldom bring it out. is it normal? i dunno, im so not used to touching up.

I’m still searching for a good foundation! hahaha. so this is kinda an impulse buy 😛 oh ok la not really cos ive been using this, so shall continue to use until this is finish and get a new one, I heard makeupforever’s one is good, any comments?