Taipei/Ximending Day 3 Evening: I love my Ah Zhong mian sian!

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Let me show you our hotel and room first!

The CityInn Hotel Taipei station Branch I.

 photo DSC00599_zpsyalr44yu.jpg

our room – how can you save the polar bears?

There isn’t much space for me to take a good picture of the room. It was quite cosy though small, but very clean and comfortable. The bed was super comfortable!! Just remember that the toilet is quite small but good enough for humans to bathe and poop in.

 photo DSC00602_zpsgvmtc6gw.jpg

the corridor with cute bears.

 photo DSC00606_zpsezrruyw4.jpg

we decided to play around when there is no one else. LOL.

 photo DSC00607_zps7dbiljkq.jpg

I do not think you wanna know what is this. LOL!

 photo DSC00609_zpslugo2r9g.jpg

The wall. Pretty nice graphics.

 photo DSC00610_zps8zoldnqf.jpg

My hubby acting like a fool. Sometimes I wonder how will we look and act in 20 years’ time. Will we be so lame and funny still?

After fooling around, it’s time for food!

 photo DSC00612_zpszpjdl1ul.jpg

Right opposite from where I’m standing, I saw this shop selling Pepper biscuit 胡椒饼. I wanted to try and keep hinting Simon about it but I think he didn’t get the hint. This guy is too busy taking photos and thinking about where to go and walk. lol! But anyway, I usually won’t tell him directly that I want something, are you girls like that too?

I think it is quite popular because the queue is super long. Hope I will have the chance to try this soon! Can someone send the both of us to taipei please?

Next we head over to Xi Men Ding by train! This is where the hip people go! And I’m one of those hip people. oops just kidding!

 photo DSC00613_zpst5lrkwge.jpg

 photo DSC00616_zpsrpzssm85.jpg

 photo DSC00617_zpsjqhw5ozw.jpg

I was super fascinated with the name of this Salon. I asked Simon if they will really ‘luan jian’ my hair. Simon told me before that one of his best hair cut was done in taipei, and he was thinking if this was the salon that gave him the best hair cut! 😮

 photo DSC00618_zpsoypxwe6x.jpg

 photo DSC00620_zpsqntklj2j.jpg

Xi Men Ding feels alot like Bugis in my opinion.

After that we went to Starbucks to see if we could find any unique tumblers or mugs and end up having a cuppa there. (don’t know why we don’t feel hungry yet, maybe we spam too much pancakes)

 photo DSC00627_zpsquq3nsbx.jpg

 photo DSC00650_zpsly72cgta.jpg

The Starbucks there occupies 2 levels and it’s very spacious!

 photo DSC00628_zpsf2oppwbg.jpg

Spotted Poler too!

 photo DSC00629_zpsyaykj8tg.jpg

One Piece Mugiwara Store Taiwan!

 photo DSC00630_zpswxsjv71n.jpg

Walked pass a cafe and can’t help but to spot the english error on the menu. Carmel latte and Macchiato it should be caramel!

 photo DSC00631_zpsqhv2q39f.jpg

Finally time for some food!

 photo DSC00632_zps2bxh3zgk.jpg

Ah Zhong Mian Xian 阿宗麵線!

 photo DSC00634_zpslttphimk.jpg

The condiments are placed at one corner for the customers!

 photo DSC00635_zpsj0bvsikk.jpg

Ah Zhong Mian Xian 阿宗麵線 Big bowl is 65NT, Small is 50NT.

 photo DSC00637_zpstswbep7l.jpg

Only have a bowl to share!

 photo DSC00638_zpslvcoydvh.jpg

Didn’t know that they don’t put oysters in it but still damn yummy! Super shiok!

 photo DSC00639_zpsfonqx960.jpg

 photo DSC00640_zpss86bnvbd.jpg

Simon got cravings for icecream after the mian xian and off we went to 7-11 to grab one! He’s quite obsessed with this brand uh, the sweets and all also.

 photo DSC00642_zps2swiyuou.jpg

I can’t remember what is it inside, caramel or milk tea flavour? But it’s super good too! Haven’t seen this flavour in singapore yet.

 photo DSC00643_zpslgb5fyhk.jpg


 photo DSC00645_zpsqtkklagx.jpg

street shots again.

 photo DSC00653_zps2n9d3egm.jpg

I still wanted more sausages even though I’m full so we stopped by this stall and ordered one! I had super high expectations for the sausage because we are at Xi Men ding!

 photo DSC00654_zpswjwrrmon.jpg

 photo DSC00656_zpsmwqeuohj.jpg

 photo DSC00658_zps8qz1usec.jpg

Thank god I only ordered one, because it’s not nice and the Jiu fen one is so much nicer!!! 🙁 Then because we are not satisfied and Simon is still hungry, we went to order Hao Da Chicken Cutlet 豪大大鸡排!

 photo DSC00663_zpsee0vcof5.jpg

 photo DSC00668_zpsfr0ycsgr.jpg

I super love the skin. 😛 so unhealthy!

We walked back to our hotel while eating our chicken – OH YES WE WALKED BACK! I can’t remember how long did we take but I remember it wasn’t a very long distance.

We usually walked alot when we are travelling, it’s never a rest and relax or eat to our fullest holiday. It’s usually climbing the mountains, hiking up the trails and walk to our death kind of journey lol! On average we hit 20,000steps a day while travelling. Moral of the story is: you will never get fat if you travel with us.

Overall taiwan is a very fun and nice country, it’s like a cheaper Singapore and Japan. hahaha! I love talking to the elderly there, they are so very nice and helpful. It was really a pity that the weather was hot when we were there. It’s just the wrong timing I guess. Was supposed to be Autumn you know. I really hate going to places that have the same weather condition as Singapore. I love cold countries and 15 degrees and below would be perfect.

Bali was hot but fun, and I will be heading back soon as I won a 2nights stay in Ametis Villa. Hopefully it will be a real rest and relax trip BUT we are bringing our laptops there so yeaaaaa…

Coming up next would be Melbourne and I AM SUPER EXCITED ABOUT IT. REALLY DAMN EXCITED. I really hope I will have alot of nice shots there! I’m already planning my ootds – so fun!

I also want to let you know that I’m changing my camera soon, I think I’m downgrading my gear but the video quality/functions would be better so maybe it’s an upgrade too. This also means that I’m giving up on my sonya6000. (actually is Simon’s) Anyone interested? PM me @ 🙂

So finally I’m ending my post here – and FINALLY I’ve cleared my taiwan trip. I shall blog about my Moon Hotel staycation soon. ooops!


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