Explore P14.1 : Moon Hotel Staycation & Lush Bath Bombs review !!

Finally got the chance to edit these set of photos. This was in May I guess? And I didn’t have the time to edit them. lol! I think I’m getting really busy recently. Very tired but I have alot of fun. Very grateful that Simon is helping me to post and helping me to take photos. (Y) Also happy that Simon is going to events with me now, even though he will just keep quiet and stand one corner LOL? But my passion is still with videos, I love the editing and all. Soon soon.

Okay first, the day before our staycation, I went to Lush, Suntec City Mall 3, because I want to play with bath bombs. Back then when I started posting videos on youtube, I always see other youtubers mentioned about bath bombs. I have no idea what is so special about bath bombs so I decided to try them out. I bought 2, one for the staycation and the other for our Bali trip BUT I forgot to bring them to Bali. -.-

Might use that for the next Bali trip or a staycation next year? Pretty much packed this year already. I have no chance to use at home because there’s no space for a bathtub!

Bath bombs’ not cheap by the way, the cheapest for one ball is 10 bucks.

 photo 1_zpsppjf12xi.jpgSuch pretty colours!

 photo 2_zpskvoiebhn.jpg

One of the Bath bombs I got is ‘Sakura’, I saw someone posted on carousell and thought it was super cute so I just bring Simon to Lush to get that. It was also the sakura season in Japan so i thought maybe I could, you know, get that feel?

 photo 3_zpsbwhomn8q.jpg

Blackberry somemore lol. The one behind (that red one) looks weird right.

 photo 4_zps5uqbanvd.jpg

I can’t remember what’s the next one I got.

 photo 5_zpsql550zyc.jpg

 photo 6_zps19l24zru.jpg

oh okay, its think pink. Altogether I spent about $20+ for this 2. hahaha. omg.

The day itself! Pictures first!

 photo 7_zpspyhqllig.jpg

Little india fresh fruits and vegetables.

 photo 8_zpshybcdgqp.jpg

Reached our destination and this is the hotel lobby!

 photo 9_zpsxkme3dk7.jpg

Waited for quite awhile and only checked in at 230pm.

 photo 10_zpsevvh7iq0.jpg

I booked a deluxe room with breakfast and it’s $138/night. If I include the VAT and service charge it is $162.43 in total. Actually I really want to try the moonlight suite room but it’s too expensive already.

 photo 11_zpsqdo88zfj.jpg

Mirror selfie first before exploring the room hahaha.

 photo 12_zpsom27t5rx.jpg

bathroom necessities provided.

 photo 13_zpschhybxqh.jpg

The bed with their cushion.

 photo 14_zpsktidexjx.jpg

Simon was disappointed because there’re no windows! He was saying why they put curtains when there’re no windows HAHAHA. Aesthetic purposes la alamak.

 photo 15_zpscw7ggdkt.jpg

A very small area for brushing your teeth and washing your hands.

 photo 16_zps6jljcv5x.jpg

A space to put our belongings.

 photo 17_zps7xjkaxlz.jpg

The bathtub can fit the 1.61 me but will be difficult to fit 2 person if you are those who use the bathtub with your partner.

 photo 18_zpso54xtk6g.jpg

Toilet bowl.

 photo 19_zpsfciu29um.jpg

Amenities. This is beside the bed and also where I take my photo for my SIS sugar advert. hahaha.

 photo 20_zpsbab3hfjq.jpg

Bathrobe (1 only) and hairdryer.

 photo 21_zps3z3wzkyi.jpg


Now I’m gonna review this Sakura bath bomb!

 photo 62_zpspfxpusei.jpg

I think it’s really beautiful. I was having high expectations because I thought I would see a bathtub that is filled with colorful water! It didn’t by the way because I accidentally wet the bath bomb before using it so the effect was already gone. ='(

 photo 61_zpswynwswsf.jpg

see the wet part?

 photo 63_zpsqiabbthc.jpg

I filled the water first and throw the bath bomb in. (at this point I still don’t know that my bomb is already ‘dead’!)

 photo 64_zpsq9cge5l5.jpg

And the water only turn slightly pink. sian! So disappointed, feel like I waste my 12 bucks. -_- Anyway moral of the story is don’t wet your bath bombs, please keep it dry before using!

After this, we washed up and head out for snacks, photo taking at Rochor Centre and dinner at Old Hen Coffee Bar. This will be in the next post. 😀 Old Hen Coffee Bar serves really good cold brew by the way. THE BEST COFFEE I EVER HAD.

 photo 22_zpscgpskghu.jpg

I will probably return to Moon hotel to try their Moonlight Suite room but not the deluxe. It’s small and cosy but in my opinion, quite dark. I usually like bright rooms for photos and all.

As for the bathtub, it is small but enough for one person to soak in and the bed, oh yes SUPER COMFORTABLE. I think it’s one of the best bed I slept in man. You can just sleep on it the whole day!

I think the deluxe room is good for exhausted travelers who just want to look for a place to sleep because trust me you can really sleep in the room. Dim lightings, small and cosy – perfect to sleep in!

I also had their breakfast buffet the next morning and this will be mentioned in the next post as well.

For now I will stop here first, because I need to work on other posts (Y).

Signing off,
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