Singapore bloggers to pay income tax!? Should we?

Finally I am home to type this post. Hands have been so itchy the whole day after hearing the news from Daphy that bloggers now have to pay tax. By the way Daphy is mitsueki the lifestyle blogger, she is my friend, my blogger friend and my colleague. Ya I know.. Super coincidental right.

In case you’re wondering why I cant blog during office hours, this is all thanks to my company identifying my blog as a spam site and hence I could only use it between 12 to 2pm. My freaking lunch time.. How can I think/write/eat during this period?

So back to today’s topic: Singapore bloggers to pay income tax to IRAS

We were having this discussion over lunch time and just felt that some points are just damn ridiculous.

1st point:

“The memo states that all non-monetary benefits, including sponsorship of products or services received in return for writing or reviewing the sponsors’ products “may be taxable and must be declared”.

“If someone sends me a lipstick, am I supposed to go find out how much it costs and declare it? Other things like, for example, some fans give me something that’s handmade, how do I put a value on that?” – I totally agree with Xiaxue.

If it’s a paid advertorial I will declare because it’s understandable that it’s an sideline/income. But if a company sent me products to review or invite me to products launch party or maybe even a running event then how am I suppose to declare? If everything I have to declare then of course I will reject all invitations right?

If nobody accept the invitations, how are the companies going to market their products? This is just killing the business growth cycle.

2nd point:

“Are the products / services provided to my family / friends taxable? Answer : Yes. If you and your family / friends are invited to a meal for 4 persons, you have to declare the market value of the meal for 4 persons, and not just your portion of the meal. The full value of the meal for 4 persons will be assessed in your name.”

Seriously.. I’m totally against this. Food tasting, have to declare.. I don’t even know what to say. Bloggers try the food and share with their friends and the public, some don’t even get paid. There are bloggers who blog solely for sharing and not for money. It’s very unfair for them if they have to declare food, somemore for all the other people that they brought to the tasting. zzz.

You see some shops giving out food samples for the public? Are they supposed to pay tax as well?

I personally think that ONLY monetary ones then should be declared. Those non-monetary ones just doesn’t make sense when you think about it.

Daphy also told me that there was a voting if bloggers should pay tax or not. And 70% of the voters said yes. Haiz.. I think alot of people think we very good life leh.. Like we everytime can try free things, can do free treatments, can get free products. Actually no lor. Small fry like me won’t get so much things okay. And we blog because we genuinely like to share our experience. I start my blog to write my weightloss journey, I didn’t start my blog to earn money or to get free things. Most of us have a full time job as well, and we have to blog on the go or till late night. Blogging is a stressful hobby too because people hold you responsible for whatever you say or recommend.

So please don’t think our life is all glamorous and I really hope IRAS can be more flexible and do something about the non monetary part.

Let’s wait for more news.

Signing off,

PS: my brows, my hair..