Fish & Co Express

Do you love fish & co? I like the raisin rice and their platter!!

The first time I saw Fish & Co Express was at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital and Im quite excited, but I never tried it before. NOT THAT i tried this time round also, but the bf is always the guinea pig, he ordered something. I have a taste and I blog about it. Okay, that’s some tips for weightloss, LOL im just joking.

 photo IMG_20130730_191148_zps4a997184.jpg
The Grill fish

With 3different types of sauces. Dun ask me what are the 3types, I vaguely remembered one of them being cheese for the corn chips which Simon dun like.
I think he eat too much Mission and Doritos chips liao, that’s why he feel that the corn chips is not good.

I guess if you are on a budget and you got craving for fish, you can go to Fish & Co express.

Im going to show some more photos of food in Marche. That’s like my fav place now, so country style.

 photo SAM_1226_zps4eee390f.jpg

After 6months of pigging, I finally settled down. I think I’ve enjoyed 6months of ‘da yu da rou’. So now I’m sort of trying to go vegan, but which I know sooner or later I will fail as I love meat.

 photo SAM_1227_zpsa795152c.jpg
hotdogs/sausages are my fav but they are super unhealthy so I’m gonna let them go.
 photo SAM_1225_zps63ed3927.jpg
bread, pastries, the love of my life. I can live with a croissant and a coffee everyday, every meals. But i will be a pig right. 🙁

 photo SAM_1228_zpsd323ff07.jpg

I really hope one day I can stay in a lakehouse or farmhouse. Would be so fun! Provided the toilet is good!

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