The Gourmet Burger, KRAZE BURGER!

Before I touched on food, let’s share some chocolate. le bf bought me this ‘choco lollipop’ from Marks & Spencer! It’s so milky and nice, better than the usual lollipops. love chocolate so much Im so sad. HAHA.

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So we were at Plaza Sing on friday and I wanted to go Nandos/soup spoon. BUT the queue is crazy and so we went to Kraze Burger instead! I heard about Kraze and remembered their good. So we decided to just go ahead with burgers.

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For starters, we had some garlic thick cut fries which you can see are actually potato wedges. It’s garlicky and abit spicy, and I love them! The portion is alright though I hope it would be bigger but for starters, I think smaller is still better. 😉

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Is that sourcream?

I ordered a salad for my main which took longer than the semi nude burger to come, I thought salads are always prepared fast? mmm.. (sorry I still stick to salad instead of burgers LOL)

So you are facing the Semi nude burger which I initially wanted to order. It’s without buns which I would probably order since Im cutting down on carbs. I like the combination of the cheese and beef but would be even better if the cheese slices can be meltier (which i dunno if meltier is even a word?)!

Oh yah, the yolk are not runny enough but I loved the egg whites. and the salad are good.

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And here’s my grilled chicken salad, which looks pretty unhealthy!!

I couldnt finish the chicken because its too much, probably cos I ate too much wedges zzz. And the chicken are quite jelat but grilled to perfection, that’s maybe why it took longer than the semi-nude. :/ The salad are good on its own.

I would cross out the sauce for my chicken the next time, wooo yes, you heard me. I’m coming back again!

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