It’s August.

Heh! It’s saturday!

Pacific Rim is such a good movie! But I kinda cannot stand the japanese actress’s expressions. I love watching long hours movie, totally worth my money. hahah and this time round we watched it at GV Gemini, first experience not too bad, though i really would like to try out cathay platinum. Now I’m counting down to 22nd August so I can catch CITY OF BONES!!! Such a good read though I really hate the siblings love/hate between Jace and Clary. And Simon being such an idiot over Clary. Just like my Simon being an idiot over me, Claire. LOL!

July was alright, had a short trip to batam which I mentioned earlier, I will probably blog about it soon, though the photos are about less than 10?

A trip to batam totally made me fat, cos I’m PMSing and I ate more than usual. :/  photo IMG_20130720_160449_zps36befef9.jpg

About 2weeks ago, Lana made me salad because I passed a mini test, lol! Super nice the salad, it’s avocado with chicken. So healthy! So you see, I’m not the only person eating healthy food in office. haha.

 photo IMG_20130722_131428_zpsf49a2917.jpg

I’m super healthy on weekdays but I ate like a pig on a weekend which I really have to change.

 photo IMG_20130721_193149_zps0d18aed0.jpg
lasagna from starbucks

This is le bf’s dinner btw, not mine, I had some chicken salad which has a rather good dressing which I dun complain.

And last week, the bf brought me to geylang for Dou Jiang You tiao. Super sinful!!! Once in a year maybe can.

Alright it’s time to get back on track!!! I dun wanna get fatty up!

 photo IMG_20130722_192937_zpsc3625036.jpg
This is what I call, fats.

I really hope salad in sg can be cheaper, it’s so expensive!!! No wonder people are getting unhealthy. 🙁

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