Creation Cafe @ Shaw Tower

A night out with Eunice again! wooohooo~

Went to creation cafe to try out other pasta dishes!

I finally tried out squid ink! I chose linguine instead of spagetti. Looks good right? It’s good! But hers was even better!

 photo IMG_20130719_185805_zpsb3f52588.jpg
Squid Ink Linguine

Thai Cream linguine is so delicious that I kept looking at her pasta while eating mine, my gosh. LOL Im gonna bring the bf there soon!

 photo IMG_20130719_185834_zps35257814.jpg
Seafood Thai Cream Linguine

End our night with Ice Cream from Tom Palette’s again! I love Tom palette’s! This time round I had, Banana honey nuts and apple berry crumble!

 photo IMG_20130719_194617_zps01da9ad8.jpg

Well, when 2pms girls meet, they eat like mad. ๐Ÿ˜›

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