[S-series] Dinner at Nantsuttei Ramen and review


To be honest, I seriously can’t remember why we were at Orchard Central, was it because Claire had an errand to run? Meeting somebody here for something? Well who cares, only Ramen matters.

We were looking around for a dinner place, we always always wanted to have cheaper food because we seriously needed to save that extra 5 or 10 bucks for our other burdens. But me and ramen are a bad match, thats why we end up at Nantsuttei Ramen, a bad match that’s why I have to eat them ramen.

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Forget the lunch promo, its dinner time on a weeknight, not applicable.

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I had the Maru-Toku Negi Chashu Men, The soup looks a little dark with that roasted sauce taste of Nantsuttei’s tonkotsu soup topped with a mountain of chopped spring onions, dope!

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Claire had the Tomato Miso Ramen, new item and a really savoury one at that. I really liked the soup, drinking the soup feels just like that tomato yuba ramen we had at that small eatery in Nikko, Japan. It might not be the tastiest thing in the world, but its the timing that matters, in freezing weather up in the mountains while not wearing enough clothes, sipping piping hot soup from the bowl of ramen, HITS THE SPOT!! While we were not in the mountains, none here in Singapore anyways, the mall was really chilly and this spicy and tangy soup HITS THE SPOT like someone kick me in my kintamas (google it yourself) HITS THE SPOT!

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Mandatory shot of the ajisuke tamago, one day I’ll perfect the art of making this style of eggs and will make it everyday for Claire. She would have no choice but to eat the yolk too because its just so irresistible. (She usually skip the yolk.)

We had a blast with the ramens here at Nantsuttei. I would say my soup taste better in comparison to Claire’s tomato ramen, but after awhile, I got jelat from too much of the  thick pork bone broth, the tomato ramen actually taste better after that. Conflicting reports. The tomato made the soup base less thick and creamy and more fresh instead with the tangy tomato sourness so you can have bowl after bowl of it, its like a thicker version of minestrone with noodles with the right amount of chewiness. I don’t know why but I find most ramen restaurants that I frequent can manage this feat of getting the right texture with their noodles. Either that or I’m just not fussy enough.

If you ask me whether I wanna come back here again, I’d definitely say YES (to all ramen). Because there are many more items from the menu that interests me. All photos were taken by Claire and she even took every page of the menu. This girl… I left them below so if you wanna see the menu before going down then by all means, if not you can click the banner on top of the page to go back to the main menu… or close this page…

Signing off now, chow.. I mean ciao guys.

Simon Tey


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