Black overall with my new Pink Keds – Athleisure feel?

Hehe recently I bought a new pair of sneakers from Keds. It was 30% off so I got it for about $41++. Initially I wanted the mint one but they don’t have my size so I decided to get this pink one as I have never wear pink shoes before. :p

 photo IMG_2173_zpsmgj94s3h.jpg

Isn’t it very cute?? I super love the shoelaces too. This pair comes with 2 shoelaces, full pink and this white with pink details.

I thought of my pink cap and decided to wear it together last saturday when I attended the usana smartshake event.

 photo IMG_2174_zps28lrk91e.jpg

The sun is so strong that it washed out the pinks! And I’m sorry for the visibility of my bra. lol.

 photo IMG_2172_zpsbxo9pggv.jpg

Remember I said I love pairing full black with cute or bright colours?

 photo IMG_2168_zpswbeeaosc.jpg

Think it’s the perfect casual combination. Black and pink goes so well together!

 photo IMG_2170_zpsboddvp6f.jpg

and Simon decided to snap a few of my candid shots as usual.

 photo IMG_2171_zpsrjqjfus5.jpg

There was a giveaway going on so I got so excited and try to think of a creative way to take photo with the huge kat von d lipstick.

 photo IMG_2169_zpsspottwc8.jpg

and this is the outcome. LOL!

Other than my keds, I recently also bought a white pair of sneakers from superga. very easy to match with clothes but I feel that the shoes are very heavy. :/

 photo IMG_2175_zpswykhxhbg.jpg

 photo IMG_2176_zpscmqfcvis.jpg

My original purple sneaks from superga. 

That’s all for today! I think it would be better if my hair is pink. mmmm.

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