Video – How to spice up your sunglass look!

Hello hello! Nothing can beat me down hahaha, even wearing sunglasses I can also do a video.

I wanted to just go out to town with my sunglasses and straight hair last saturday, but when I looked into the mirror, I feel that I’d better do something with my hair and face cos I looked really BAD!

What was I thinking? Sunglasses only cover my eyes! Other than that, my skin, moles, pimples, redness are all still showing! And if I dun make my hair appear bigger, the sunglasses looked bigger than it actually is.

So that explains my blog post!

If there are days where you need to wear sunglasses (for the whole day or most of the day) due to eye conditions like me! You can follow these 3 important tips!

 photo hair_zps67fb47a2.jpg

1. Hair
I curled my hair because I have straight, thin and flat hair, if you have naturally big and wavy hair then it’s good for you, but you still can do some hairstyles to go along with your shades!

 photo lips_zpsf15c7686.jpg
2. Lips
I picked red to match my top, but I guess red is quite versatile too. Dun pick a pale color for your lips, the purpose of this is to enhance and brighten up your face. If you are wearing a dark/black color top/dress you can put on purplish/pink or bright lip colors, its up to you! ๐Ÿ˜€

 photo SAM_0317_zps3b8d4126.jpg
3. Eye brows
I usually lighten my eyebrows cos I want my face to go soft, but since I will be wearing my shades for the whole day, I decided to just BLACK IT. It frames my face seriously and I liked how it goes along with my sunglasses. I think what you can do is to match your eyebrows to the sunglasses, and yes. Darker than the sunglasses color!

Lastly conceal and cover all moles and redness! Because your beautiful eyes would be covered and people will notice other things on your face!

I hope these tips work for you! Just keep your face clean and your look CHIC! ๐Ÿ˜€ and Here’s a video!

Do give me suggestions on the kind of video that you’d like me to do too!

With Love,

Update: eyes getting better!