Rock it with sporty fashion!

Other than wearing new balance! I think the sporty fashion can also be spiced up a little bit with some sport outfits! And here are some examples!

1. Jersey!
 photo images_zps7103db5a.jpg

Cara Delevingne Sporty Fashion With Basketball Jersey and Sneaker

Wear a jersey! It can be a boyfriend jersey or a crop top, it doesn’t matter! As long as you pair it well you will definitely looked chic.

2. Crop it!
 photo 7_sporty-spice_zpsc7e823c8.jpg

I personally like this outfit alot, since crop is like a staple piece in every one’s wardrobe right now, why not switch it up a little bit? Wear your sports Bra as a crop! Pair it with a high waist skirt or jeans and a outerwear and you’re good to go!

3. Overall
 photo Image2_zpsf2fa4af9.png
Include a sporty clothing in your outfit! Be it pants, shorts, or jacket, it will turn you into a cool chic which will definitely attract welcoming attention! 😀

I’ll share these few and leave the rest to you! You are always welcome to share with me too! 😀