Accident – Cornea abrasion

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My poor poor eye.

If you added and followed me on FB and IG, you probably know what’d happened, but for those who don’t know.. I had a minor accident at work due to my clumsiness!

I cut my cornea while filing papers. stupppiiiidddddddd.. But I really don’t know how the f*** I did that. -_- But anyway I’m recovering well now, just that the injured eye still having blurred vision. sigh…

I was so scared and I keep mumbling that eyes are very important to me, but SERIOUSLY eyes are impt to everyone what! lol.

When this kind of thing happen, I get emotional and sad because my parents are not at my side to comfort or console me, but really.. since I was born it had been like this so I really got to learn how to get use to this. I haven’t see my dad for 11years (so there’s no father’s day for me) and I see my mom maybe on occasions like CNY only. I have my grandmother and uncle but they are not the kind who will show care and concern, they are the type of people who show concern by nagging, and this is annoying lol.

I am really fortunate to have really loving and caring colleagues and boyfriend.

And for the first 2days, Simon came over and took care of me and went home late and hence resulted in insufficient sleep. Even though I don’t have the true family/blood love, I’m glad I have these people surrounding me that will make sure I’m safe. :’)

God bless them always. hehe..

Now I just hope that my eyes will recover fast and I can start doing my nonsense again, cos welll… I am bubblyclaire. HAHA. Also, I’m having my photoshoot in a week’s time so pls recover fast!!! 🙁

Oh yah I went to W eye clinic in suntec to check my eyes, and the doctor says everything is ok, just abit of scratch on my cornea. :O

Why are you still not following me on IG and Youtube? haha. I’m updating really frequently now. So ya pls follow me on IG @claireaudreylim at least? 🙂

Love all of you!
Claire <3