[Simon] AGF SEN Origami Drip Coffee Review


Just the other day, we went to the horribly pathetic looking Japan Matsuri fair. I feel that they spent all their money on publicity and booked that tiny area for the actual fair. Very overcrowded, walking to the fair is an actual pain because the Esplanade staff seems not very prepared to handle such a big crowd.. Maybe C will pool our few shots of the actual fair for another post..

Anyways, enough ranting.

Feel disappointed and deprived of all things good from Japan, we jumped into Yamakawa Super at Suntec City and bought ourselves some Jap goodies to sooth our heart from unmet expectations. I wasn’t going to get anything at first till I lay my eyes on coffee stuff.

The premium looking packaging and hefty price tag (5 packs per box…) made me eager to try it out. Sometimes you just need to shell out the money, never try never know mah.. And so the next morning I woke up earlier just so that I can make this coffee for C and me!

The instructions are pretty straight forward so I don’t have to learn Japanese to know how to brew.

The individually packed origami coffee drip looks as chio as the box. Jap-style.

Pardon my lousy control of the depth of field. Kinda hard trying to take this picture while pouring at the same time. You have to of course, wet the grounds and let it sit for about 30s. Then continue pouring, filling up the little origami cup up to 3 times, that will give you about 140ml, as what the instructions said. The crema forming while pouring looks really promising and I have high expectations of this cuppa.

The outcome? Well, although I always loved Japanese goodies, I never really liked their coffee.. Like what the name suggests, ‘Sen’ or ‘Roasted’ yes its plenty roasted, it tasted like burnt coffee… Japanese coffee I tried so far always have that burnt aftertaste, like its over roasted. I’m not an expert so I can’t give any professional comments, but I don’t enjoy burnt coffee..

Will have to make another cup with my IKEA beans to satisfy my appetite…