#Clairmon: Mid-Autumn Festival Part1

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I know Im late, guess what.. Im always late.. -_-

Nevermind we can throw this back, since the #throwback trend hasnt die.

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We had a really fun time lately, we start to go out and play again! LOL. I think he has been waiting very long for me to be free. We didn’t hang out for a month and that’s so sian and boring. My exams are coming soon but till then la.. Now lets focus on happy times. Simon is like my best friend you know sometimes the way we talk is like f you la be, f you. HAHAHA. Next time when we stay together Im sure there will be frequent vlogs of us. hahaha. =D

So we played with lanterns this year after like maybe 10years? I don’t know man.. so crazy.. Actually nothing much you just carry the lantern and walk around, but most importantly is we are having fun together HAHAHA. I don’t know if we will ever get sian of each other but I know now we are still having so much fun!

Anyway before I go on, next time if you wanna read about anything about me, him or us. Then you can look for Living with Claire Episodes and Clairmon episodes. pretty straightforward la.. just him blogging about me, and clairmon is me writing about the 2 of us. hohoho…

So we went to Fort canning park, carry lanterns walk around and film a short video! Haven’t got the time to edit it. But will upload it soon =) hence the part one here. So here’s 2 of our mid-autumn lovey dovey DIY photography. LOL! He placed the camera at the roof. crap man scary. This guy is mad..

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I will upload the part 2 of this with a video and welcome back 🙂
The next post should be living with claire episodes, prob your fav =)

With love,