Celebrity Beauty [How do they do it?!]

It’s kinda scary how some celebrities maintained their youth and figure. Some spam botox and some spam plastic surgery especially liposuction. and some even tried some crazy diets that made them lost a huge amount of weight in a short span of time.

But this is understandable as they are always on tv and media all the time, if I’m a celebrity I think I will be super self conscious too. But I will definitely work out more and eat cleaner to achieve what I want unless I really can’t la..

 photo 12_zpsd90e5fd4.jpg

Victoria Beckham practices the eat like a bird diet.

 photo 06_zps1c8c04ab.jpg

Reese Witherspoon did the baby food diet omg.

 photo 03_zpsd562d265.jpeg

And beyonce her popular master cleanse diet. LOL!

You can check out other celebrities diet with the below link! Love yourself girl I will try to love myself too =)


With lots of love,