[S-series] Quincy Hotel Staycation 2017, the QOOL Weekend Singapore Staycation Package review!

Hi good day people,

Today’s post is about the chance to stay at Quincy Hotel at Orchard. We were privileged and grateful for the stay here at this awesome boutique hotel hidden away behind Mt Elizabeth Hospital.

Check out the room and what we do in this video here!

Check out Quincy Hotel’s deal here!

Its a small 4*Hotel with 108 rooms that markets itself as a hip hotel that appeal to the younger people or business traveler.  You can enjoy all-day light refreshments including buffet breakfast, complimentary in-room mini bar and evening cocktails as long as you stay with Quincy. These are something you don’t find in most hotels, or at least in those few hotels that I’ve stayed before both local and abroad. It also features a LED illuminated infinity pool on the 12th floor which also houses what I think is a small bar.. of sorts, the well equipped gym (which me and Claire utilized), a sauna and some shower facilities with all the towels and amenities you may need! Its got everything you need for a relaxing staycation!

Its no wonder that Quincy Hotel won the Best Hotel Experience Award at the Singapore Tourism Awards 2017They covered all bases.

Today we came here to enjoy their Qool Weekend Staycation, which comes with the following:

  • 1 night accommodation in the Studio Room
  • Buffet Breakfast at The Lobby.
  • All-Day light refreshments
  • Complimentary in-room mini-bar (replenished daily)
  • Evening Cocktails from 6pm to 8.30pm
  • LUSH fresh handmade bath bomb.
  • Movie Night by the pool (Only on Saturdays at 9pm)
  • All Quincy benefits.
  • Qookielicious Cookie Making & Decorating Class from 3pm to 4pm on Saturday
  • 24hrs access to Infinity Pool and Private Gym

Sounds interesting to me! And so we arrived  at the Quincy.

*Caution: Picture intensive post*

 photo DSC04789_zpsldjk5gpo.jpg

The interior is modern and chic. Like a hipster cafe for youngsters like.. erm, me. I’m still young right..

 photo DSC04787_zps7mujwlg2.jpg

The Qool Weekend Package includes a stay in their Studio Room, featuring all the basic hotel room set up with bonuses you don’t find in the usual boutique hotels here, at least in my own limited experiences.


 photo DSC04819_zpsgjcukjzi.jpg

There is limited privacy in the bathroom, well its mean’t more for couples or the lonesome business men or women, so no one bothers to pull the curtains yah?

 photo DSC04758_zpsv0we9vps.jpg

All these are on the house, not much ain’t it? But wait, remember you get all day refreshments downstairs. Stay tuned for the photos of the afternoon refreshments coming up.

 photo DSC04760_zpsxiknus2q.jpg

Random Magazines..

 photo DSC04761_zpsso5r63fv.jpg

You also get to pick up your very own ‘Travel Companion’ with internet connection too, I heard from Claire this is a growing trend with hotels here. Didn’t know that..

 photo DSC04762_zps9yvxnqor.jpg

We were handed a LUSH bath bomb. If you follow Claire’s Blog enough, you’ll probably read about our few failed attempts with bath bombs… Hope this one works.

 photo DSC04763_zpssisv8ofu.jpg

And also with the Qool Weekend package, we also get to participate in the Qookielicious Cookie Making Class!

 photo DSC04764_zpslyielhcl.jpg

Got all the necessary ingredients laid out for us.

 photo DSC04766_zpsiatmc4u7.jpg

Fellow participants following Chef’s instructions.

 photo DSC04767_zps8uj0am94.jpg

 photo DSC04768_zps7zsitlct.jpg

 photo DSC04772_zpsujrtfulm.jpg

And miraculously the cookies were cut and baked to perfection.

 photo DSC04774_zpsgwkp6loh.jpg

And were decorated with meringue icing, using our limited artistic talents..

 photo DSC04775_zpss8mrzk2n.jpg

Group shot of the class, Qool yeah.

 photo DSC04765_zpszmxea17n.jpg

While we were busy making cookies.. I didn’t notice that there were muffins and cakes by the side. These were the ‘light refreshments’ and they were always replenished promptly.. unless they ran out of course. *The Ondeh-ondeh cake is the dope.

 photo DSC04778_zpst52wjcwa.jpg

Free flow coffee, unless you can finish the beans on both machine, I shall clap for you.

 photo DSC04779_zpscyc9mnmp.jpg

And free flow Vanilla soft serve!! People!! What is this sorcery!!

 photo DSC04780_zps68o6b5ce.jpg

Juices and chilled canned drinks.

 photo DSC04781_zpsxxzedfgg.jpg

To be honest, we helped ourselves with multiple servings, the pic is just the first round. LOL

 photo DSC04782_zpslgn8rswj.jpg

No, seriously, this cake is super tasty. Unless you don’t like ondeh-ondeh, which you’re probably from another planet anyways.

 photo DSC04784_zpsfjjqoinw.jpg

Oh did I mention the chocolate, caramel or strawberry sauce by the soft serve dispenser? You get to help yourself to the whole bottle if you so wish to die real soon..

 photo DSC04790_zpsl5dzeznz.jpg

The much needed Grab kiosk because to come to this hotel you’ve gotta walk. Luckily we didn’t have to curry a luggage, if not I will probably swear the whole way here in our awesome climate.

While leaving the Lobby area, we noticed the staff changing the light refreshments set up to some kind of fried food etc. I think its really great that this hotel actually meant it 100% with their all-day light refreshments promise. Because a lot of times, me and Claire been to places where they short change you by just claiming their ‘out of stock’. Bullshit right…

 photo DSC04813_zps6vxjixiv.jpg

So now its time for us to explore the famed inifinity pool. Actually I don’t intend to dip in the pool. That’s why i actually hid my swimming trunks away so Claire couldn’t find it. LOL. In the end she just scraped the idea. I’m really scared of drowning…

 photo DSC04792_zpssx6wmhoq.jpg

This is actually the shower room on the 12th floor. right beside…

 photo DSC04793_zpsgwhwcfzt.jpg

…the sauna. Sauna in a small boutique hotel can you believe it??

 photo DSC04795_zpsokv80uto.jpg

Exercise machines here looks state-of-the-art, although I have no idea what’s state-of-the-art..

 photo DSC04796_zpskvv59mcx.jpg

 photo DSC04798_zpskxtcbg7q.jpg

And of course, a full set of bar bells which I don’t have at home, can’t help it, must take the chance to utilize since its available. LOL. I usually don’t go to the gym because my body can’t really compare to those muscular men flaunting their meat. I just try to keep fit as and when I get the chance, with whatever I have at home. But since no one’s here in the gym, I have everything for myself with no grunting men staring at how their muscle fibres expand and contract while doing bicep curls.. You get what I mean?

We spent some time at the gym, me pumping some irons while Claire hit the cross-trainer, all in the wrong attire. Well no one stopped us, we had the place to ourselves LOL.

 photo DSC04814_zpsi09p4aac.jpg

Then we went outside to this open air place cut into the building, the infinity pool!

 photo DSC04815_zps0fvdvz56.jpg

I’m sure if we take a photo from the right angle it would be quite awe-inspiring. But we were shy people.. Sorry.

 photo DSC04816_zpsedgvfbf9.jpg

View of our cityscape, gloomy weather isn’t it.

 photo DSC04817_zpshijyaasu.jpg

This look like a small bar, unmanned but I think you can just help yourself to whatever they stocked here.

 photo DSC04818_zpstsws65kq.jpg

Here’s a closer view when the other hotel guests left the place. Shy mah…

Then then then we went out for a bit and totally missed the cocktail session. Who can fault us right? Do you know Quincy is just 5mins away from Far East Plaza, 10mins from Paragon and Lucky Plaza. Its the prime shopping district people, of course we would go shopping right!


So we came back to the 12 floor just to see what’s showing at the pool side movie session, but we have no idea whats the show about so we left and decided to turn in for the night.

 photo DSC04802_zpsm6df35du.jpg

Anyway back in the room, we decided to take a bath, so we went ahead to chuck the bath bomb into a tub of water and watch it come up pink and purple with petal-like substances..

 photo DSC04803_zpssormlkra.jpg

It worked rather well this time round, so we went on to enjoy the bath. No photos of course, duh.

Good morning.


Gloomy day again. But must have breakfast now.

 photo DSC04805_zpsaafo5cuu.jpg

The breakfast spread was a little low on variety, but i am very satisfied with the quality of the food items (except for the coffee of course, can’t expect pro barista standards from an automatic machine..).

 photo DSC04804_zpsexbvdhmp.jpg

 photo DSC04806_zpsluuftufr.jpg

 photo DSC04807_zpstxvp3i28.jpg

 photo DSC04808_zpsnceppqvw.jpg

 photo DSC04809_zpsahhdtaag.jpg

 photo DSC04811_zpsvwomqhrr.jpg

 photo DSC04812_zpsabdhpbym.jpg

And that’s about it. The selling point of this Qool Weekend deal must’ve been all the benefits you enjoy being a guest at Quincy Hotel. All the facilities available to you and the fun classes you can participate in calls for a super relaxing stay yet keeping you occupied with activities. You can of course opt to not join any activities and just rot in your room, its comfy enough for me to just spend my days setting my body’s imprint on the bed. But I would rather hit the gym or dip in the infinity pool to make my day a more fulfilling one. Well maybe the gym more so than the pool. I’m scared of drowning.. even though the pool looks kinda shallow enough for me to stand with my head above the water…

DSC04184In conclusion, me and Claire really enjoyed our stay here at Quincy Hotel. If we can’t be travelling to other country, I would definitely throw my money in Quincy’s way for a relaxing weekend staycation.

Check out Quincy Hotel’s deal here!

Note: Package only available for Fridays and Saturdays only.

The Quincy Hotel
22 Mount Elizabeth
Singapore 228517

Signing out,
Simon Tey