Happiest birthday this year! (: + prewedding picnic shoot sneaks!

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I had a wonderful bday celebration this year.

Alicia she got me a gluten free cake, which taste like brownie. I think not everyone likes the taste of it but I liked it alot! I think next time I will buy this again. I think it’s from https://www.facebook.com/JonSpecials you can check this page out if you’re interested!

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Eunice and Gerald got me the Naked3 palette from Urban Decay! Eunice she really gave me a huge surprise, initially she tricked me into believing that she’s going to give me the nude eyeshadow palette from Catrice! Hahaha really good prank, Simon need to learn this. LOL!

I also got a birthday card written with wishes from everyone in my office. I know Eunice is behind this too I love you alot!! :D:D

Also Sherli got me a sephora gift card!

Thank you Alicia, Eunice, Gerald and Sherli!! And everybody in the office! Muacks!!

Okay then here comes the exciting part is that I HAD MY PRE WEDDING PHOTOSHOOT ON MY birthday! 😀 ok this is not the formal kind that I wear my gown to blow candles but it’s the casual one. lol! And oh I didn’t blow candles on my actual day, I blew it 1 day earlier in the office.

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Huizhen came along to help me with my shoot, and I know she got alot of ants and mosquitoes bite. lol. Im really grateful that she came, she got me a bracelet from Fossil! With a clover charm to wish me luck! And also a handwritten letter. (: Thank you I like them! 😀

And lastly, Im still going to call Simon as my bf because it’s weird calling him as my fiance. But anyway the longest one should be left for the last. 😀

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Thank you for all the surprises. Thank you for the cute carrot cake. Thank you for the explosion box that you handmade from scratch, it’s once again v nice/pretty sweet and thoughtful. Thank you for spending so much time on planning our wedding and my bday, thank you for being understanding because Im schooling/working/blogging/vlogging and basically have not much time left for anything else. Most importantly thank you for being there to support me!! Love you!

Okay, I am not so mushy one usually, but sometimes I have to express my thoughts. So I did a video on the things I got this birthday (excluding angbaos) and also some sneaks on the pre wedding casual shoot day. 😀 The actual video will be uploaded soon I hope, I’ve got too many things to do! 😀

Ok my friends! Please watch this to see the sneaks!! =D

And thanks to those who wished me too! (:

With lots of love,

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