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Very excited to work with WISHTREND,


firstly: they are my first OFFICIAL sponsor.
2nd: It’s all KOREAN PRODUCTS!

Although they are my sponsor, but you guys know I’m always very honest about my product reviews, even though I’m being sponsored, if I don’t like the products, I will state it here. =) but up to now, most of the products that are given to me are all so good that i feel so pampered ^^

It’s not only SKINCARE PRODUCTS, but they also have goods for MAKE UP, BODY AND EVEN MEN.


I’m waiting for the first product to reach me, very excited to try it out and share with you guys! 🙂

This are some of the brands that you can find on WISHTREND.COM



and many more

*inside info, they might even launch SKIN 79! excited hor? hehehe!

If you never hear about WISHTREND.COM now it’s your chance to get to know it.
Special coupon will be given to the new-comers!


Go register now!! So that you will get their email alerts for latest product and information!
ALSO, registration is free ^^v nothing to lose out 😀

enjoy browsing and shopping! 🙂

will come up with ‘how to lose weight’ articles soon my dears, im collecting materials first hehehe. 😀