[S-series] Yeah food again guys. In & Out Cafe, value for money eats.


Recently Claire got invited to a cafe, she of course, bring me along.

When we first enter the place, I was thinking “what’s this, a cafeteria?” Well don’t be fooled by its appearances, its actually a casual dining concept that kinda resembles IKEA restaurant. Although I say that, they actually offers more options than IKEA, this cafe offers something for everyone looking for a place to chill and/or fill their stomachs.

This cavernous space house a western style kitchen, a Japanese kitchen, a cafe and a pub. So basically this is what I meant by its got something for everybody. If you wanna have pasta for dinner, but your dinner date is craving for Japanese food, this is the place for you to avoid conflict. Whats more, everything is actually quite affordable and the food is nice too!

Check out our spread, we ordered quite a number of dishes because I was famished, but it was quite the mistake because Claire has a tiny stomach, so that would mean I’ll have to finished the rest… Anyways let’s see the food:

Best seller: Chicken Chop – This is a classic, what can go wrong with any chicken chop unless you burnt the chicken into charcoal. As you can see already, this is one hearty dish. Usually Chicken Chops from anywhere, the piece of chicken would dwarf the sides, tiny scoops of coleslaw, mash potato and maybe some baked beans. But check this out man, the piece of chicken is actually sitting on a huge pile of mash potato with sauteed vegetables piled on top of it.This is a mountain of value.

Something I never knew: Sobameshi – I never knew there was a dish like this, Sobameshi literally means noodles and rice. Its a fried rice and soba dish with a generous portion of chopped chicken, pickled ginger and bonito flakes. And then they piled a bunch of chopped spring onions on top. Its like a potpourri of flavours, every mouthful gives me a different taste. My only qualm is that the dish can be a little too salty my blood will turn into seawater. Claire loves it though. 

Tonkatsu Ramen – I expected less, judging from the price of this dish, I thought I’ll be given those thin and hard piece of fried rubber to pass off as Tonkatsu, but the Tonkatsu here is thick and juicy like those you pay 2x the price for. Then the soup looks really thick, but the soup was surprisingly mild in taste, i described it as a local friendly non-jelat soup, you know how some ramen stall gives you soup laden with MSG its like seawater? The noodles wasn’t as springy as I thought, but to be fair, we left it standing for awhile so its not at its best when we started eating. So please eat it while its still fresh!

2x Chicken Wings -The chicken wings we had weren’t too different from any western food stall at your local kopitiam. It tasted so-so, its lacklustre performance doesn’t inspire me.

So that’s that. You can see the pricing isn’t that bad, we had a great time stuffing our faces here. It offers a relaxingly casual setting where everybody minds their own business, no wait staff you need to communicate with. Its a paradise for a very introverted guy like me. Because conversations makes me nervous, unless of course, you’re already in my comfort zone.

It gets quite busy during meal times, this also signifies that there’s quite a following in this area. But I think everyone should come and enjoy this atas canteen vibe minus the horrible crowds in IKEA where the poor aunties and uncles can’t even keep up with the clearing of dishes. Perfect chill out time stuffing yourself silly.

In & Out Cafe (visit this page to see their current promo)
1 Venture Ave, Singapore 608521
(Near Jurong East MRT)


Simon Tey