Exploring P1 + Lunch @ Crown Bakery & Cafe

I got poisoned…. by my own husband…

And now I got a list of lens I want. :D:D:D I want to upgrade my camera too. In the past S used to be the one dragging me out to take photos but now I am the one initiating =D

Last weekend we went to Botanic Gardens, and had our lunch @ Crown Bakery. It was in our to-do list for months and finally we went there! It was drizzling but we were lucky as it only lasted for a short while!

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You can take a bus from botanic gardens but we walked there instead. For us, the distance was still okay but not sure about you guys who hate walking. :p

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This is my fav shot.

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We had the Crown Breakfast as our main (I know right, this is like the no.1 choice there). Honestly I wasnt a fan of the red wine-braised oxtail, but I absolutely enjoyed the chicken sausage! It’s super juicy and I think I can have another one of that! On top of that, it’s also served with a crown puff pastry with a sunny side up, Canadian back bacon, sauteed mushrooms, baked tomato & a side of mesclun with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette.

I too enjoyed the puff pastry, it’s not too bad and could be eaten on it’s own. 🙂

We had scones as well, which we kept it for later and of course we cannot have our meal without coffee, so I had mocha and he as usual, flat white.

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The scones, cost $1 each is a must buy over there (this is my opinion), we had the earl grey & rum and raisin scones. Both are fluffy and light, perfect for afternoon tea BUT the earl grey one trust me, it’s reallllly good! Though the raisin one is not bad the taste wasn’t that strong. mmm. I am craving for the earl grey scones right now…. (im not doing a review, im just sharing how i feel. jimmy chok pls don’t hate me)

After our meal we went exploring.. You have to explore in order to take photos. 😀

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 photo thumb_DSC00948_1024_zpslkt28kja.jpg

Love this last photo too.. Have the kind of I’m not in singapore feel.. Btw I will be writing up one more post from this trip as well as I want to feature myself in the post. HAHAHA omg..

I also know that I’ve been blogging about food recently, I will be writing a new post on weightloss soon. Let me post all my photos first!! If you remember I haven’t finish my taiwan trip leh.. :X

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And if you want to have your scones, coffee and breakfast like a queen, then you might want to give this place a visit. 🙂
557 Bukit Timah Rd, #01-03 Crown Centre, Crown Centre, 269694

Loves & see you,