E10: Asanoya Matcha/Maple Salted egg croissant & National Gallery Singapore

Today I’m sharing quite a few things. Food, outfit and National Gallery Singapore! It was on a saturday again. We always go out on saturday but not recently.. cos it’s all about the house now..

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Our plan for the day was Capitol Piazza -> Asanoya Bakery -> National Gallery Singapore

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Funan IT mall.

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We met at Capitol and purposefully take this photo under Simon’s brother’s name. lol! Had my favourite llaollao, bought his shirt from benjamin barker and off we head to Asanoya!

This was during the period where I was quite crazy over salted egg yolk bread/pastries so when we know that Asanoya has pretty good croissants we planned a trip there immediately. :p

The shopfront.

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Me infront of Boulangerie Asanoya.

I was very excited to try the croissant over here because there were alot of positive reviews about this place and the food. Furthermore it’s a Japanese gourmet bakery & cafe, so it’s a must go!!! Honestly I’m quite biased, as long as it’s related to Japan, I will give it a thumbs up.

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candid shot of me again.

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and a very random shot of this grasshopper.

Finally went inside and this is the menu. Guess what drinks we ordered? Flat white as usual. lol!

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 photo IMG_9310-2_zps0tacgq7o.jpg

was quite lucky to get a seat despite the crowd on a saturday afternoon. 🙂

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 photo DSC04264-2_zpsvyfvtioc.jpg

I was there because of these 2 things. The first is this maple salted egg croissant $4.90 and the matcha salted egg croissant which I will show below. 🙂

Our order for the day! Only had a cuppa of flat white because I was full from our lunch.

 photo DSC04267-2_zpstnuydku9.jpg

The maple and matcha that looked similar on the outside.

 photo IMG_9317-2_zpsxiehyklk.jpg

The problem with flowing lava is that I must make sure that the cut is precise. So that I can capture all the awesome goodness oozing out.

 photo IMG_9324-2_zps8rjerhvv.jpg

First we tried the matcha salted egg! It was quite a weird sight to see some greenish liquid oozing out..

 photo IMG_9329-2_zpsbnp0rhww.jpg

was worried that it will taste weird.. but it was actually pretty good!

 photo IMG_9332-2_zpsj0m66hrl.jpg

They were so generous with the filling by the way! I don’t know how the mixture was made but this is really unique and surprising!

 photo DSC04274-2_zpsnobmc2ad.jpg

yumyum matcha!

Next we tried the maple salted egg croissant and even though it’s not so satisfying to the eyes when it comes to the fillings, the taste was heavenly!
 photo IMG_9321-2_zpspcnljqio.jpg

ahhh you see you see..

 photo IMG_9323-2_zps9tklwcci.jpg

 photo DSC04272-2_zpsffsxxbrt.jpg

The sauce together with the crispy pastry and fluffy/soft dough just made the whole experience so so good. I’m sure after my description you know which one I liked more right? 😀

I preferred the maple one because it’s a really good combi with the salted egg. It’s very addictive and I don’t feel that it’s oily at all. On the other hand the matcha can be quite overpowering. I think it’s because of the strong matcha taste that covers up the salted egg but Simon liked this better though. :p

Suggest you head over and try out the croissants and let me know which one you like! =D

Asanoya Bakery
15 Queen Street #01-03, 188537

after our bakery visit, we went to National Gallery Singapore. This is my first time visiting, not so sure about Simon.

Pics for you to enjoy first.

 photo DSC04307-2_zpsuvzlr8rr.jpg

 photo DSC04355-2_zpsrvivj5p1.jpg

 photo DSC04279-2_zpsbdk0mzdg.jpg

 photo DSC04284-2_zpsc5diqaai.jpg

 photo IMG_9336-2_zpskb8ykhlt.jpg

Singaporeans = free admission. Actually I wanted to go to one of the exhibitions (Singtel special exhibition gallery – Reframing modernism) but I don’t want to pay for it so we just looked at other works lor.. Got picasso’s works leh!! sigh.. 

and it’s photos of me again.

 photo DSC04373-2_zpswyr7pigg.jpg

we viewed some of the artworks there and simon was like ???????? in his head.

 photo DSC04388-2_zpslth69uym.jpg

 photo DSC04392-2_zpsdsycgguk.jpg

very beautiful.

 photo 13187910_1542403906065028_274031919_n_zpsycnyawxx.jpg

 photo IMG_9755-2_zpswkkuwkt7.jpg

Outfit of the day
top: anticlockwise
necklace: forever21

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 photo IMG_9751-2_zpstsibhr1c.jpg

went to the roof top and take more pics. Oh by the way we went to National Gallery for circles.life event also, smoke & mirrors is a pretty nice bar!

 photo DSC04333 2-2_zpse1sjlgus.jpg

 photo DSC04311-2_zpsy6uhj84n.jpg

and finally ending the post now with giant gashapon watches! Till the next!

remember to explore more. ^^