BTO reno journey P3: Permit finally approved!

Finally the permit is approved and the demolition works will start on tuesday! =DDDDDD Today shall share with you my aircon location (since my last post i talked about the beam issue)!

Also I want to compliment my ID for being such a efficient designer! He asked the workers to do up the window grilles as soon as the approval is reflected on the HDB site! Another good news is that we are finally starting the demolition works tomorrow. YAY!! I’m so excited. Finally I’m feeling the urge to spam buy household items and furnitures.

Last saturday after the coffee festival, Simon wanted to look at Coffee Machine at Harvey Norman. I’m thinking we should get the Breville one but he wanted to buy one to train himself first. LOL! Getting very serious now. The breville dual boiler machine (dunno the exact name) hor is $2k leh! super expensive omg. Even the single one is $900? -_- Haiz why my husband’s hobby all so expensive one..

But instead of looking at coffee machine…. we bought a tv LOL!! We know eventually we will buy a TV but that’s not on our to buy list for now. hahaha! But anyway got the samsung smart curve 48 inch. Quite a deal actually about $1500. 😀 we thought 48 inch is the perfect size since our living room is not that spacious. 

 photo IMG_1103_zpsc3wdab4x.jpg

Ok then back to our aircon. Simon went to our place one lonely night and brought a lamp there. hahaha cos there are no lightings yet. Look abit eerie~

 photo IMG_1105_zpsoliy9jxg.jpg

Currently the place is very dirty but he also go and sweep the floor. LOL! very good house-husband. 😀 and so for the aircon. It’s being placed over here for the living room.

 photo IMG_1104_zpsgmd2s82j.jpg

for the masterbedroom, it’s over here.

 photo IMG_1106_zpsiyz3y0tm.jpg

so no beam no problem lah. still okay. Can slowly visualize how it will look like already. can’t wait. 😀 building a house is so fun!