[S-series] Our kopi-date @ Singapore Coffee Festival 2016

Hi guys.

Wifey and I went to the Singapore Coffee Festival.

Its a Saturday (yesterday now) and I work till 12, so I met wifey around 1pm after my work. Then we went to do some errands and wasted time hesitating whether should we have lunch at the event place. We chose the latter. Then took a bus from Lucky Plaza bus stop (Bus 111 goes there directly) but we alighted at the wrong stop. My mistake. Because I stupidly thought the Floating Platform and the F1 Pit building is the same thing. So wrong. So we have to walk our way (in the rain) from the Platform to the Pit building. We manage to get there around 3.30pm and we are so excited about all the coffee stuff we will see soon!

Well, one thing I have to say is that the information on the event is a little vague in my opinion.. Some of the things that I wanna know about are like

  • what’s in the goodie bags
  • when are the labs/workshops open for registration.. 

We bought the VIP tickets, but the priority queue is still quite long, maybe when I go, there’re a lot of VIP ticket holders there at the same time..

  • the map of the event exhibits that’s only available when you are there.

Because this event is going to get really crowded, it will be better that they give out the map on their website or social media pages, so we can plan our trip. Even for a smaller event like this, the crowd movement etc are as bad as the local IT shows

  • token counters for the food area on 3rd floor not obvious enough

Imagine queuing to buy food, its a long queue and you waited 15mins till your turn, only to realise that you need to buy tokens to pay for your food?? I was going to beat the crowd and buy my food, luckily I was sharp, I noticed most people had tokens in their hands, that’s when I realised the need to buy tokens. I read the event booklet and it didn’t occur to me that I need to buy tokens on the 3rd floor food area. I’m not the only one who didn’t know that because a lot of people asked me why do I have those poker chips (tokens) in my hands and I have to tell them about the tokens. I think it should be shown more prominently that we need to buy tokens to buy our food, right?

There was a CutQ app that we can use to order our food but because we have already purchase enough tokens, we didn’t had the chance to try the app. 

Well other than what I wrote about above, Claire and I still generally enjoyed ourselves. We spent 2-3 hours fighting with the crowds and ate some overpriced cafe food on Detpak paper ware and got overdosed with caffeine. People have to go early because by 5pm, lots of the food were sold out. And then you guys have to duke it out to get the last serving. As for us, we spent another 2 hours in the VIP lounge because I paid much more money for that privilege!! so I wanna get back the value I paid for!! I am cheapo, fact. Below are the complimentary canapes and cocktails.

The cocktails are inspired by the straits times and created by Xiao Ya tou. On the left is claire’s The Headliner (Gin, berries, lychee water, cirtrus and rose syrup) which she kept complaining it’s very sweet and I had the Deadlines in Life (Red wine, tropical fruit, gin and cinnamon)

Basically, we stayed at the event grounds till closing time. As always, I’ll let the pictures do the talking, starting with the food shots from Claire (of course) and some random stuffs.

Stranger’s Reunion Truffle Fries

Super healthy tasting…. Banana Loaf $5.50 from The Whole Kitchen. She also bought a packet of nuts $6.50 from there.

Coastal Settlement’s overpriced Oyster Omelette

And then we bought this coldbrew in cute bottles @ $6 each, but I think its overpriced again because Old Hen’s coldbrew is still the best and has more volume than this cute bottle..

Pretty cakes from TWO…. what? Claire was too excited with the cakes she forgot the shop name..

And we found Chye Seng Huat Hardware. easier to find then their actual store, in my opinion again. I don’t drive and I seldom go to Jalan Besar.. so 150 Tyrwhitt Rd is like another country to me.

But for the ‘heart’ they gave to my wifey, I might take my passport and make a trip down to Chye Seng Huat. Been wanting to visit the place, but never found a chance… This Latte was the best coffee we had for the day.

Pour over coffee, My zai shoot-from-hip shot capturing the expression. But missed out the shop name. Well I can’t frame my shot what when I’m snapping with the camera from my tummy…

And the outside? Has this quaint little retro themed outdoor cafe with live acoustic music. Its all about the ambience people. Bring your own shelter though.

The coffee festival is all about chilling with your mates over a cup of joe. But well as with lots of local festivals, we are always short on event space and an abundance of human beings. It has the potential to be a great event all coffee lovers or even non-coffee lovers could enjoy. If you stayed the night there’s also an outdoor movie screening you can watch too, chope your place early though with your chair or pinic mats.

Sadly, at the time of this post, all tickets are sold out. Those of you who bought your tickets but are still slacking at home please go early. Those of you who haven’t had the chance to buy your tickets, well, I’m sure there will be another one next year.. And things should improve for the better, maybe a bigger space for a start? Just a suggestion.

If there is, then I’ll probably go again, take leave and go on Friday. Till then, Singapore Coffee Festival 2017 #SCF2017.

Simon Tey