E30: A trip to Kallang wave, tried Ayam Penyet President and life update!

Hello December! Finally something personal today! Love posting random things that happened in my life.

Today I want to talk about our random trip to Kallang Wave a few months ago! I can’t remember why we were there.. probably to collect NDP tickets but anyway it doesnt really matter. What matters is that I finally visited Kallang wave and I finally tried Ayam Penyet President!

 photo IMG_1218-2_zpsk41modlo.jpg

Ayam Penyet Ria has been on the top of my list since forever and I have been wanting to try Ayam Penyet President to see if another place can takeover Ria’s place in my heart.

And I think after trying it, Ria still has the best Ayam Penyet and Gado-Gado. Other than Ayam Penyet I also like Ayam Panggang, i kinda prefer Panggang because it is less oily and more savory.

In case I never share with you before, My favourite Ayam Panggang is at this coffeeshop just right ouside Junction 8 at Bishan and I remembered Simon and I went there every week to eat it last time! But if you’re too lazy to go to Bishan, the food court at Plaza Singapura is a good choice too.

 photo IMG_1219-2_zpsdbzbetn0.jpg

The menu board.

 photo IMG_1222-2_zpspg8zuqzu.jpg


 photo IMG_1224-2_zpshu0vgqsg.jpg

I realized the cafes and restaurants now all looked similar, they are always in industrial and Scandinavian design.

 photo IMG_1226-2_zpsqoxdchxh.jpg

Our food!! Ayam Bakar! Word of advice: Don’t drink the soup because it is really salty.

 photo IMG_1227-2_zpsudarssyn.jpg

The chicken thigh and my favourite tempeh! Alot of people dislike tempeh saying it is smelly but i super love it! It is just like simon likes chinchalok but I hate it to death.

The food is not too bad here, the meat was tender and flavourful but I felt very thirsty afterwards!

We went to Coffee bean right after this to have our usual coffee fix because we were so thirsty. lol I know we should drink water instead but yes we did drink alot!

It is also my first time trying carrot cake from Coffee bean and I don’t really like it. Still prefer the one from Cedele. I think I’m pretty obvious when it comes to the kind of cakes I like. :p  photo IMG_1234-2_zps5eujmumr.jpg

The best part of the day is when we went to Serangoon Nex, when we were supposed to catch a movie but end up playing Tsum Tsum at Virtualand instead! hahahahhaa.

He played by the way because I was so embarrassed! He must hate me. lol!

 photo IMG_1239-2_zpswzldea7v.jpg

It’s quite fun lah to act like kids. lol. Timezone was like my second home last time but now I play with clothes instead and Simon, camera.

This December is a really busy month until I forgot that I’m going Penang in a few weeks’ time. -.- I also haven’t finish writing my ‘bye 2016, hi 2017’ post.

On a happy note! ClairexSimon has just team up with lomography for their latest daguerreotype achromat art lens and I am slowly uploading the photos onto facebook and ig. So if you haven’t follow me do follow now! I really adore the effects of the lens!

Till the next people! 😀
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